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2013 in a nutshell, or rather in a giant glass jar.

It was my goal this year to write down one good thing from every day in 2013. I wrote all of these tiny memories on square sheets on yellow paper, wrote them down, and put them in a glass jar. Unfortunately, the glass jar in question didn't make the trip to my dorm room when I moved away in August, but its practically full nonetheless. Now it's finally time to reminisce on those happy times. Even on days when I was feeling so depressed, I made myself dig deep and find something, anything to put in writing. If you're reading this, I totally advise you try your hand at this project in 2014; I know I definitely will be (and this year I'll actually complete the goal).

My plan for this post was to list some of the highlights and add anecdotes as I saw fit, but instead I thought I'd just list every moment out in order. After all, I want to look back on this webpage and remember who I was when I was 17 or 18, and what better way to do it. I'd love to remember the litt…

Midnight Memories: One Direction Redefines the Boy-Band Genre

If you or someone you know is a teenage girl, odds are you've heard of One Direction. If you're unfamiliar with the band (hi, Mom) here's a quick run-down: they're all super cute and their music is super catchy. If you really need more information, add their movie This Is Us to your Netflix queue, because this blog post isn't a brief history: this is a review of their newest album Midnight Memories.

The album dropped about one month ago, though it leaked online one week earlier, so given five weeks' time, I feel acquainted enough with the new music to properly review it track by track. Below I'll give my brief thoughts on each song accompanied by a numerical score out of 10, followed by my overall thoughts and the album's calculated average. Yeah, you heard me right: I'm about to bust out some elementary math skills for this one, it must be serious.

1. Best Song Ever
This song is practically old news in the fast-moving world of pop music: it came out…

Like a Bad Sequel to a Good Movie

If Christmas is a cult-classic film with snappy dialogue and an all-star cast, December 26th is its terribly written, D-list sequel; something akin to Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2. Picture it this way: the 25th is Christmas and the 26th is Christmas 2: Return of the Ugly Sweaters Your Grandma Thought You'd Like. That being said, below are my personal guidelines for navigating the dreariness that follows the most festive day of the Christian calendar.

If you're going to venture out clutching your steering wheel in one hand and Macy's receipts in the other, I advise you to drive carefully, remember in which section of the parking lot you left your car, and take deep breaths as you push through the throngs of traffic both on the roads and in your local mall. Unfortunately, many people will only rest their credit card swiping arm on major holidays, so that means tomorrow those shoppers will be back at it again.* So in short my advice if you're planning on joining them: just…

Goodbye 2013, Hello Blogosphere!

Interestingly enough, 2013 was a clusterfuck of the best and worst year of my life all slapped into one. When the ball dropped last January, I had just told a boy I liked to leave me alone because his attention made me anxious (we'll talk more about that later), my grand New Year's kiss was strictly cheek action, and I was spiraling into a bout of depression. This gloom-n-doom lasted for roughly six months, during which time I became someone completely unrecognizable to my present self. Without divulging too much personal information that will get me in trouble with my peers, I became so depressed because I placed my trust in the wrong people and as a result was left feeling all alone. So do I have some weird trust and self-esteem issues now? You bet. But the good news is since I graduated from high school I've made amazing life changes and as a result have the best friends and family anyone could ask for. Also luckily for me I specialize in self-deprecating humor, so the …