2013 in a nutshell, or rather in a giant glass jar.

It was my goal this year to write down one good thing from every day in 2013. I wrote all of these tiny memories on square sheets on yellow paper, wrote them down, and put them in a glass jar. Unfortunately, the glass jar in question didn't make the trip to my dorm room when I moved away in August, but its practically full nonetheless. Now it's finally time to reminisce on those happy times. Even on days when I was feeling so depressed, I made myself dig deep and find something, anything to put in writing. If you're reading this, I totally advise you try your hand at this project in 2014; I know I definitely will be (and this year I'll actually complete the goal).

My plan for this post was to list some of the highlights and add anecdotes as I saw fit, but instead I thought I'd just list every moment out in order. After all, I want to look back on this webpage and remember who I was when I was 17 or 18, and what better way to do it. I'd love to remember the little things that made me happy and managed to make my days brighter.

**note: these are all verbatim, which makes them so much more fun. The only alterations made are those in brackets and solely for the purpose of clarification and/or to mask the identities of others.
1 January: Saw Perks of Being a Wallflower with Julia.
2 January: Got an 85% on my AP Government test--the one I spent all break worrying about.
3 January: Boston Market macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, and turkey breast for dinner.
4 January: Flourless chocolate waffle for dessert!
5 January: Saw The Guilt Trip with Mom and Jim.
6 January: My shift at work went by quickly today!
7 January: Justin delivered gummi worms to my car after school.
8 January: Pretty Little Liars came back on!
9 January: Julia and I babysat for NHS and she drew a picture interpreting the members of One Direction.
10 January: I had fun serving cake with Julia and Maria at the NHS Induction Ceremony.
11 January: GOT INTO JMU!!
12 January: Sleepover with Julia (we went to Potomac Mills, Noodles & Co., and watched Good Luck Charlie)
13 January: Indian food for dinner! Also I wore a cute outfit today.
14 January: Mommy bought Lofthouse Cookies! And I got my homework done at a reasonable hour.
15 January: Justin gave me five bucks randomly during [study hall].
16 January: The girl that sits next to me in Oceanography gave my 3 BAGELS!
17 January: Accepted to CNU's President's Leadership Program. (I'm still going to JMU, but it's nice to be thought of)
18 January: Went to Josie's [frozen yogurt place] with Ashley and Anna. Also it's payday!
19 January: Watched High School Musical 3 with Julia and fantasized about Zefron in baseball tees.
20 January: Got a mocha light frappuccino from Starbucks on my break from work.
21 January: Went to JC Penney's with Momma!
22 January: Sang "Nerds" by Bo Burnham all during class.
23 January: Watched Modern Family with Mommy and had an Oreo milkshake!
24 January: My NHS points went through without any question--huge sigh of relief!
25 January: Wisdom teeth surgery went A-okay, and apparently I was funny coming off the drugs.
26 January: A well-deserved chill day...even though I can't eat solid food [post-wisdom teeth extraction] so Ashley and Salma brought me ice cream.
27 January: Went to TJ Maxx with Momma and got a tie-dye sports bra!
28 January: Met [former friend]'s kitten, the cutest cat ever.
29 January: Finished all the non-perishable bags for my Senior Capstone Project.
30 January: Unseasonably beautiful day outside.
31 January: Went to a tapas restaurant for Momma's birthday dinner.
1 February: Watched the very last 30 Rock. (Good God, Lemon!)
2 February: Momma's birthday!! And finished my Senior Capstone Project.
3 February: Ravens won the Superbowl, which means we all get 10 extra credit points in AP Psych!
4 February: Panera for lunch with Julia.
5 February: National Free Pancake Day at IHOP!
6 February: Spent almost 2 hours watching good episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S while I did homework.
7 February: Finished my huge Personality Project for AP Psych! Yay!
8 February: Ashley's birthday dinner at Silver Diner.
9 February: IHOP with Maria, Julia, and Rachel followed by a girly sleepover with Julia.
10 February: Took Ashley out for birthday bagels and got to hang out with [other former friend] after, like, 2 months.
11 February: Someone actually let my car out of the parking lot so I didn't have to wait for 20 hours.
12 February: Got a good night's sleep.
13 February: Productive session with [insert therapist's name here].
14 February: Chipotle with Ashley and Justin and John Green announced he and his wife are expecting a 2nd baby!
15 February: I feel like I did pretty well on my Prob/Stat Unit 5 test. (fingers crossed)
16 February: Driving down the parkway with no destination in sight with Julia because Priuses get great mileage.
17 February: Gave my two weeks' notice at [former job], had good Indian food, and watched Perks of Being a Wallflower with Momma.
18 February: Went to [admitted students' tour] at JMU!
20 February: Was very productive doing extra credit for AP Psych.
21 February: Movies and Panera with Momma.
22 February: Julia's Birthday!!
23 February: My Forever 21 package came in the mail! Yay!
24 February: Made $40 babysitting.
25 February: Got to stay home from school just 'cuz.
26 February: Got to have dinner at Monty's with Mommy and Jim.
27 February: Skyped with Claire for over an hour.
28 February: I did a good job during AP Psych learning seminar--Ms Myers [my teacher] said so!
1 March: Made $65 babysitting!
2 March: Harlem Globetrotter's game and DC fun with Julia.
3 March: Discovered "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran and fell in love.
4 March: Went to the gym and worked out for 1 hour straight for the 1st time ever!
5 March: I feel sore from working out which means I'm getting there!
6 March: SNOW DAY!
7 March: 2 HOUR DELAY!
8 March: 95% on my AP Lit Catcher in the Rye essay!
9 March: Got a pedicure, went to TJ Maxx, Target, and Ulta with Mommy.
10 March: I found Dove chocolate in my backpack from Valentine's Day.
11 March: Got an 80% on my Social Psych test!
12 March: I got to wear pink rainboots and got fro-yo with Ashley and Salma.
13 March: Taylor Swift's "22" music video premiere!
14 March: Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S at the gym.
15 March: Chipotle with Ashley after school!
16 March: Prom dress shopping, pie buying, and sleepover-ing with Julia.
17 March: Went to the gym early in the AM.
19 March: Warm weather; went to the gym and got Starbucks after.
20 March: We got Blow-Pops in Prob/Stat and had a very productive therapy sesh.
21 March: Two days until break and the first official day of Spring.
22 March: Last day of school before Spring Break.
23 March: Olive Garden with Ashley, Salma, Harley, and Allison
24 March: Free IHOP breakfast with Dad.
25 March: Officially got a gym membership and got in a good workout.
26 March: Panera date with Julia.
27 March: SO PRODUCTIVE! Gym, eyebrow wax, bank, homework.
28 March: Did some of my homework early and read a book for school at Panera.
29 March: Spent the day in Philly with Momma.
30 March: Saw Annie play volleyball with Aunt Susan, Aunt Amie, and Momma and AZIZ ANSARI SHOW with Ashley and Salma!
31 March: Chill Easter at home; dinner and a movie with the fam.
1 April: Got a prom dress AND T-Swift concert tickets!!
2 April: Got a much-needed haircut. Snip snip!
3 April: "Girl's Night In" with Momma.
4 April: Very productive day: went to the gym, did all my homework, and had yummy kale salad for dinner.
5 April: Tyson's, Wal-Mart, and chillin' with Salma, Ashley, and Harley.
6 April: Asian Sesame Chicken salad from Panera.
7 April: Rummage sale at The Ritz with Mom and Jacklyn.
8 April: The JMU One Book [freshman prep guide] came in the mail!
9 April: Got a lot of compliments on the white lacy dress I wore today.
10 April: Had a pretty healthy diet today.
11 April: Got to debut my mint green shorts for the first time all season.
12 April: Gorgeous weather. I wore yellow pants!
13 April: Zoo with Julia, Tim, and Kasey; IHOP with Julia; made $ babysitting.
14 April: My post on the JMU Class of 2017 page was successful, people wanna live with me!
15 April: Teacher Workday! Gym, bank, grocery store: PRODUCTIVITY!
16 April: Got a 98% on my Senior Capstone Project! A+ woo! Also made plans to meet my potential future roomie.
17 April: Had a successful tutoring session and got a good post-conference evaluation.
18 April: Mommy let me sleep in and skip Oceanography.
19 April: Mall and fro-yo with Julia.
20 April: Got to hang out and run errands with Momma.
21 April: Got in a good workout. I'm starting to see more tone in my legs.
22 April: Good workout at the gym. Sweat!
23 April: No AP Psych homework!
24 April: 51/60 on my AP Government practice exam! Woo!
25 April: Finished watching Louder Than A Bomb in Advanced Comp. class
26 April: McDonald's and Fro-Yo Friday with Ashley and Harley (got to use up my punchcard=free 6 oz of fro-yo)
27 April: IHOP and movie day with Julia, Maria, and Megan.
28 April: Ashley Lacey and I officially decided to be roomies!
29 April: Got a free refill at Starbucks.
30 April: Got an A on my AP Psych final! Yay!
1 May: [insert therapist's name here] session and no tutoring (FREEDOM!!)
2 May: Got in a workout; "on that gym grind" or whatever...
3 May: #frostyfriday with Ashley and Harley.
4 May: Harley's birthday dinner at Olive Garden! Breadstix.
5 May: Watch A LOT of Pretty Wild (Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling)
6 May: Took my AP Psych exam and felt good about it!
7 May: Randomly gained 10-ish subscribers on YouTube. [yeah I used to make videos, don't worry about it.]
8 May: Very helpful therapy session, I wore a cute outfit today, and went to the gym.
9 May: Did my AP Lit exam! 2/3 AP EXAMS DONE.
10 May: Tyson's Corner with Ashley, Harley, Salma, and Reehba.
11 May: Got Jacklyn to hem my prom dress, bought prom shoes, and babysat ($$$)
12 May: Seth Meyers is set to host Late Night starting next year.
13 May: Finally got back in the gym after feeling really fat...
14 May: LAST AP EXAM EVER!! Skipped 5th and 7th periods to hang out with Ashley (the most beautiful girl in Fairfax)
16 May: $10 pizza box sleepover realness with Harley.
17 May: Went to breakfast and Wal-Mart with Harley #seniorskipday.
18 May: Hung out with Julia and made our poster for the Taylor Swift concert.
19 May: Lazy day in bed.
20 May: Got most of the work done for my AP Psych Fractured Fairytale project.
21 May: I had a very well-deserved nap.
22 May: Got my huge AP Psychology project back--Ms. Myers thinks I'm funny!
23 May: Fro-yo with Salma after school.
24 May: Finished off a stressful week with the best nap of the century.
25 May: Harley slept over and we watched shitty made-for-TV movies until the wee hours on the AM.
26 May: Went to the gym with Harley.
27 May: Discovered the beauty that is Whole Foods guacamole. I LOVE AVOCADOS.
28 May: Got the yearbook. My senior ad made me cry.
29 May: Hung out with Harley and Ashley and got 2 large fries from McDonald's...oops.
30 May: Made a mockery of our Prob/Stat final project because at this point fuck school.
31 May: PROM. (I actually did have a lot of fun...who knew?)
1 June: Got soft serve ice cream with Momma.
2 June: Went to the gym with Harley (again)
3 June: Alice Green was born!! (the daughter of one of my favorite authors, John Green)
4 June: Panera dinner date with Julia.
5 June: Hung out at Ashley's house after the very last day at the Writing Center.
6 June: Last full day of high school (getting close!)
7 June: IHOP with Tori; Ulta, Tyson's, and sleepover with Jessica and Harley (fun girly time)
8 June: Potomac Mills adventure/hanging out and catching up with Julia.
9 June: Went to Lexy's dance recital and had Panera for dinner with Ashley and Justin.
10 June: Last official day of high school and enrolled in class at JMU.
11 June: Officially no more school work = personal home alone day.
12 June: Won English department representative nominee at the Senior Award Show.
13 June: Justin's birthday dinner at IHOP!
14 June: GRADUATION!!!!!!!!
15 June: Slept in well after All Night Grad Party and 1st official day as a GRADUATE!! And added my teachers on Facebook.
16 June: Went to the Newseum with Pepere and Aunt Amie.
17 June: Family drama finally started to calm down.
18 June: Leftover graduation party ice cream cake and Kardashians marathon.
19 June: Accidentally made a very successful text post on Tumblr.
20 June: BO BURNHAM RESPONDED TO MY TWEET! (He said: "@asauerpatchkid awesome!")
21 June: Delicious Indian food dinner date with Momma. (yum!)
22 June: Went swimming with Salma and Ashley after hours (hopped my first fence ever)
23 June: Saw The Bling Ring with Ashley and Salma at Tyson's Corner Mall (it was flawless) and went to National Harbor.
24 June: Watched Pretty Wild with Ashley and Salma.
25 June: Had a very productive session with [enter therapist's name here] and a superb drive alone down the parkway.
26 June: Geocachine and sneaking out of the house to go swimming with Salma and Ashley.
27 June: Day 1 in Mexico. MOJITOS!!!
28 June: Day 2 in Mexico: pool/beach day with crystal clear waters.
29 June: Day three in Mexico: SNORKELING EXCURSION!!
30 June: Back in America=back with phone and internet.
1 July: Doughnuts and fireworks shenanigans with Salma, Ashley, and Justin.
2 July: Hung out with Ashley and Salma finishing season one of Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.
3 July: Watched Harry Potter alone and played video games at Salma's house.
4 July: Fireworks and fun with my best friends.
5 July: Brought Chipotle to Ashley's and taught Anna's little brother to say "Gucci Swag". Also saw Julia for the first time in weeks.
6 July: TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT WITH JULIA (best day ever.)
7 July: Raspberry stuffed french toast at Dor-Stop in Pittsburgh, PA.
8 July: Georgetown fun chillin' with Salma and Ashley.
9 July: Coffee, dinner, and livetweeting One Direction music videos with Ashley and Lexy.
10 July: Went to the gym for the first time in forever at 7:30 AM!
11 July: Free Slurpee Day with Ashley and Lexy.
12 July: Downloaded and rocked out to old school Maroon 5.
13 July: Got Panera and hung out with Ashley.
14 July: It's been exactly one month since graduation.
15 July: Saw Monster's University and got Chipotle with Ashley and Allison.
16 July: Ashley made me a delicious bagel sandwich and we went swimming late at night with glowsticks!
17 July: One Direction's new song got leaked!
18 July: Orientation at JMU was so fun!!
19 July: Went to a Nats Game in the Washington Post suite.
20 July: Went dorm shopping with Mom and had a One Direction music video viewing party with Salma, Ashley, and Megan.
21 July: Drove to Chipotle in Salma's new Camaro!
22 July: BEST SONG EVER DAY! (so hot) (perfect) (I can't)
24 July: Played Mario Party 5 with Ashley and Lexy then got fro-yo!
25 July: 2 AM IHOP trip!
26 July: Target with Ashley, Justin helped me take pictures, and frozen yogurt! Again!
27 July: Annie and Aunt Susan came to visit!
28 July: Movies and gelato with Annie, Aunt Susan, and Mommy.
29 July: Genghis Grill and milkshakes with Ashley and Salma. Also finally got my Starbucks Gold Card!
30 July: IHOP catch up sesh with Julia.
31 July: Laser tagging with Ashley, Salma, Justin, and Hannah. Happy Birthday Jo Rowling/Harry Potter!
1 August: Landed in Rhode Island.
2 August: Chopmist Charlie's clam cakes and chowder. Yum!
3 August: MY 18TH BIRTHDAY! Lunch @ The Ocean House and seeing T-Swift's vacation house!
4 August: Dutch Harbor seaglass hunting with a good music.
5 August: Hung out with Mom and Aunt Amie at the beach.
6 August: Birthday dinner with Ashley, Salma, and Justin at IHOP!
7 August: Ashley threw me a surprise birthday party!
8 August: Free breakfast and Inbetweeners marathon with Ashley.

So apparently I made it until the 8th of August. That's no where near completion, but it's better than a lot of people can say for their New Year's Resolutions. I'm going to try to complete this goal in its entirety in 2014; now that I know I can at least go 8 months, another 4 should be easy. Also if you don't know me in real life, I'm sorry for the confusion as far as names and places are concerned. Just know all the people mentioned are very dear to me, and those whose names I omitted are either professionals I don't want to drag into my adolescent internet diary or people no longer important enough to have that kind of recognition. I'm so glad I was able to look back on this past year by doing this, and I hope you enjoyed reading. Apparently I'm much more of a foodie than I realized, as the foods I ate often made my day. I'm not sure if that's because I was really glum and was just searching for some reason to be happy, or just because food is that good. It's probably a combination of both. Anyway, I hope you all had a great year, and I hope this next one is even better.



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