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What You Missed at the #Grammys

If you seriously missed the Grammys this past Sunday, go ahead and take a minute to dust yourself off, because you've clearly just crawled out of a rock. I'll wait right here, go ahead and take all the time you need. Oh, you're back? Good, now let's get down to talking about what went down on music's biggest night.

The show started off with America's favorite power couple--and no, I'm not talking about Barack and Michelle--Beyonce and Jay-Z. Queen B initially took the stage alone in a sexy black bodice singing "Drunk in Love", one of the more memorable songs from the album she sneak-attacked on us late in 2013. Though this is a little off-topic, I'm just hypothesizing that the 2015 Grammys will be the year of the 3 Pop Queens: Beyonce's self-titled album, Lady Gaga's Applause, and Katy Perry's PRISM were all released just past the cut-off point to qualify this year, but next year they'll duke it out against one another for top …

Winter Essentials

If there are any gentlemen reading, I'd advise you to switch the tab on your browser over to Netflix Instant Streaming, (I knowyou're in the middle of marathoning either Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black) because today's blog post is even more girly than usual.

Every time I ask Siri how cold it is outside, she responds with a shudder-inducing number in the single digits that makes it hard to get out of bed. So to compensate for the dreadful chill of January, I've been turning to some of my favorite products and media to make that trek across campus a little less miserable. If you're still trying to desperately cling to your early autumn routine, girl, it's time to make a few switches, your skin and your attitude will seriously thank you.

1) A good foundation and moisturizer duo.
As someone with skin prone to dryness even in July, I get unsightly dry patches on my cheeks and jawline this time of year, and just covering that up with a thick powder every mor…

I Changed My Life Plan!

From where I'm sitting in my school's library, I am see the small Starbucks kiosk in the corner, so I'm going to count that as "I Wrote This In Starbucks", ergo I am once again fulfilling what is expected of this blog. I'm sure none of you care, but it makes me feel like I'm accomplished and important. Although I probably shouldn't, I care an awful lot about feeling accomplished and important, because in my head if I'm doing something worthwhile with my day, it makes the money I spend on my coffee and the time I spend on my makeup justifiable because it's almost like I'm a high-society business lady. I know that belief is built on a slate of flawed logic, but once again there's an insight into the unrealistic conventions of my brainwaves. Anyway, I do actually have some news for you all: since we last talked, I changed my entire life plan! I'm honestly so excited about it and I thought y'all should be the first to hear the news…

The Five University Students You Don't Want to Be

Hello friends! First of all let me just say how beyond happy I am to find this blog has already reached over 1000 page views? I love writing here and I love that someone's reading! So whether this is your first time in this neighborhood of the internet or you've contributed a good percentage of that first thousand, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Pull up a bean bag chair or one of those cool trampoline seats from Target and make yourself at home. Anyway, since we've last talked (it's been a little bit of time), I've completed a week of spring semester classes, and so far they're all going well. Of course there are a few annoying people in every lecture, and this post goes out to them. Maybe they don't even know they're being so annoying, so maybe this will help educate and eradicate classroom nuisances. Take it from me, there are enough know-it-alls and biddies in the world without more innocent souls contributing. Without further adieu, I presen…

Glamour=Kick-Ass Feminist Literature?

Today as I ran out the door to go to the gym, I stuffed the January issue of Glamour in my backpack and laced up my athletic shoes, not paying a second thought to either phenomenon. When I got there, I hopped on my usual elliptical machine, silently thanking God the sign-up board wasn't already full, and opened the magazine I subscribe to, yet oddly enough rarely read.

Let me level with you by saying that I got this subscription for free when I was checking out at Ulta one day. The makeup girl asked me if I wanted a free year, and as a textbook cheapskate couldn't turn it down. So now I have this magazine I occasionally flip through for the pretty pictures and maybe read the covergirl interview if she's a celebrity I'm particularly interested in, nothing more than that. But after reading today at the gym, I promise I won't miss an issue from now on. Wanna know why? Because Glamour is feminist as fuck.

The copy I read while on the elliptical features Claire Danes we…

First Day of School [pt 2] and the Handicapped Stall

Good evening, dear blog readers. It's currently looming close to 8:30 and while at some point I will have to force myself to go to the gym, right now is not that time. So naturally I thought I would tell you all about my first day of classes this semester, but as briefly as possible because I think "my first day of school" falls into the same category as "the dream I had last night" as far as storytelling goes--ergo nobody actually cares but has to pretend to be intently interested so as to not come across as a douche.

So anyway, yeah I had my first two classes today: Survey of British Literature II (basically Victorian lit) and French 232. The English class was good because three of my best college friends are taking it with me, so I didn't have to worry about, y'know, talking to people and making conversation. Phew, what a relief, no associating with strangers! The sad thing is I'm only half kidding when I say that. Anyway, the auditorium the clas…

The Maternal Instinct, or Lack Thereof

Guess what, guys? For the time ever in the history of this blog, I'm actually writing in Starbucks, as the title suggests! I'm sorry if you were under the impression that I had been doing that all along, Dorothy, but the truth is it was just a regular person behind the curtain all along. Did you get that Wizard of Oz reference? I hope so, otherwise we need to stop associating.

Writing this blog post in Starbucks is actually very interesting because not only does it make me feel like a real life important blogger, but today is also prime for eavesdropping. Call me rude or nosy all you want, but I can't help it: I love people-watching. Maybe it's the part of me that is so keen on writing and collecting stories, or maybe it's just the part of me that gages my life worth and degree of fucked-up by comparing the snippets I hear from other people's conversations...I'm not totally sure. The important thing here is that the three people sitting to my left are havin…

Sorry, Jake

Because it was a record-breaking cold yesterday, I spent the entire day indoors watching movies with friends. As I threw DVDs into a plastic Target bag to bring over for our viewing party, I grabbed titles off of my shelf hastily. That's when I came across Sweet Home Alabama, 14-year-old Lauren's end-all, be-all favorite film. With those fond memories in mind, I grabbed the DVD and insisted we watch it. In my head, it was a kitschy, fun film about finding your roots in a small town. I knew it wasn't a masterpiece, but I remember loving it ever since I stumbled across it on HBO four years ago. However, upon a fresh viewing, turns out I was wrong. I wouldn't advise you to sit down and watch all 109 minutes of the film, unless you're prepared for a predictable Southern-style chick flick, so in its place, just watch the trailer.
If you just sat through those 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you're quite the trooper, and now you kind of get the gist of how honestly terribl…

End Girl Hate!

A very wise Tina Fey once said "you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores; it just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores." When I first saw Mean Girls at age 11, I thought it was just another funny quote I would later add to my repertoire, but as I found myself venturing into the often turbulent teenage girl world, I revisited this striking idea and realized damn, we need to stop hating on each other.

Walk the halls of your local high school and you won't be hard-pressed to find at least one young girl blasting another with toxic conversation. Or, even easier to find, a girl wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt scoffing at the cheerleaders lined up along the adjacent lockers because they're "so catty" and "airheaded". Both of these occurrences I just described are prime examples of girl hate, and both are just as damaging to our gender as a whole.

Where does girl hate come from, you may ask? My theory is it stems from one …

What You Don't Learn in Your Lectures

I've only been in college for a few months, so naturally I claim to be an absolute expert on the subject. Go ahead and ask me any questions you have about any aspect of the university experience, and I guarantee I'll be able to bullshit an answer so beautiful you'd think it's actually correct and rooted in intellect. In all seriousness though, I have done a lot of learning and growing in these last few months, and while a good amount of that learning and growing has taken place in my classrooms, most of it hasn't. I've found that my friends are often even better teachers than my most dedicated professors and the hallways of my dorm complex are more knowledgable than those of the libraries. And honestly that's the best part of it all: my corporate, bustling hometown has been wrung dry of novel learning lessons, but these new people I've met sure aren't.

I truly feel as though certain people were placed in my path to shape who I want to be in these se…

New Years Resolutions

Hello beautiful people! Because today is January 1st of a brand new year, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the resolutions I've made. There's been psychological studies suggesting that the sheer act of telling other people these resolutions diminishes one's chances of actually achieving what they set out to do. Something about your brain feeling accomplished just by getting recognition of these goals from others and some other scientific mumbo-jumbo, but WHATEVER. I'm going to tell you anyway, because I'm above science. I watched a video two women made on this exact topic the other day, and they split their goals in categories, which I think was a good idea that I will now copy.

1) Family and Friend Goals
-Be more easygoing. I find I often get very uptight when it comes to planning to hang out with friends or family and can to be less than flexible when it comes to being spontaneous or doing things differently than planned. It ends up causing me u…