Glamour=Kick-Ass Feminist Literature?

Today as I ran out the door to go to the gym, I stuffed the January issue of Glamour in my backpack and laced up my athletic shoes, not paying a second thought to either phenomenon. When I got there, I hopped on my usual elliptical machine, silently thanking God the sign-up board wasn't already full, and opened the magazine I subscribe to, yet oddly enough rarely read.

Let me level with you by saying that I got this subscription for free when I was checking out at Ulta one day. The makeup girl asked me if I wanted a free year, and as a textbook cheapskate couldn't turn it down. So now I have this magazine I occasionally flip through for the pretty pictures and maybe read the covergirl interview if she's a celebrity I'm particularly interested in, nothing more than that. But after reading today at the gym, I promise I won't miss an issue from now on. Wanna know why? Because Glamour is feminist as fuck.

The copy I read while on the elliptical features Claire Danes wearing a pretty (yet completely seasonally inappropriate) sundress and headlines about the "Top 20 Dos and Don'ts of the Year"; overall, it seems like your typical girly magazine. But alas! Those 20 Dos and Don'ts? All about dressing for success and not obsessing about having a thigh gap. Upon reading just the first feature, I'm already on board, and as a cranked the resistance on my machine up, I turned the page to only be more pleasantly surprised.

Glamour's fashion spread featured outfits to wear to work for the average successful woman, and while certainly stylish and a bit ostentatious for your everyday look, still completely practical. Other magazines for women only feature impossible-to-rock clothes that only reduce the models to living clothing racks, whereas Glamour styles outfits you may actually feel comfortable in and wear while you present at a board meeting. Another point in the mag's favor.

Of course, the magazine also features beauty trends and hairstyles to try, but that's important, too! Women should be told they can indulge in expensive face cream and intricately braid their hair if they want to; after all, we catch our own eye in the mirror often enough, might as well like what we see! Glamour presents their beauty tips as ways to make women enhance their own self-esteem and to dress up for no one else but themselves, if they so choose, and what isn't awesome about that?

So imagine me pumping my legs to the tune of my One Direction workout playlist, turning the page to the sex section (sex-tion? Maybe?) of the magazine and still feeling proud to be caught with it in public. Why? Because it continues to slay with its feminist view of sexuality, that's why! Other magazines focus on "101 Ways to Pleasure Him" or "What He Really Wants in Bed", but Glamour basically damns all those gender roles to Hell and praises women for taking control of their own sexuality. This article in particular compared two sex surveys--one taken in 1993 and one taken in late 2013--and praised readers for their comparable openness and willingness to explore more. According to their stats, 35% of women said they've watched porn compared to the 21% reported twenty years prior, and the writer gives kudos to ladies today for being more curious about sex. Now I'm actually kind of prudish myself and the thought of sex still makes me a little uncomfortable, but I think it's hella cool that we're giving other women the freedom to do whatever they want under their own bedsheets.

Now as much as I want to go through every section and tell you about why it made my little feminism heart go a-flutter (and trust me, I really want to), I'll save you the chore of having to read all of that. This is partly because it's almost midnight and I still have reading for school to do, but also because I'm thinking of you. So I'll be brief: other articles discussed the empowering act of freezing one's own eggs, how TV is still very much a man's world and should be re-structured to provide more inspiring female friendships, and letting women know "Hey, It's OK..." to be exactly who they are, messy habits and all. I can't express enough my new love for Glamour magazine, and I can guarantee I'll be actually purchasing my subscription once this free trial runs out.

So anyway, I hope you're all having a good week so far and I'll be talking to you soon. Now I really should tend to that reading of mine.


  1. glamour is forever my favorite magazine. they are always just so great


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