I Changed My Life Plan!

From where I'm sitting in my school's library, I am see the small Starbucks kiosk in the corner, so I'm going to count that as "I Wrote This In Starbucks", ergo I am once again fulfilling what is expected of this blog. I'm sure none of you care, but it makes me feel like I'm accomplished and important. Although I probably shouldn't, I care an awful lot about feeling accomplished and important, because in my head if I'm doing something worthwhile with my day, it makes the money I spend on my coffee and the time I spend on my makeup justifiable because it's almost like I'm a high-society business lady. I know that belief is built on a slate of flawed logic, but once again there's an insight into the unrealistic conventions of my brainwaves. Anyway, I do actually have some news for you all: since we last talked, I changed my entire life plan! I'm honestly so excited about it and I thought y'all should be the first to hear the news...well, first to hear the news if you don't count all of my friends and family.

You may be wondering Lauren, what happened to wanting to be a high school English teacher? It seems like you were into that! Well, oh inquisitive one, here's a secret: I haven't really been into that for a while now. The shitty thing about being 18, though, is that all of the adults I know (and even those I don't know) expect me to have a life plan, so I just went with something that felt slightly comfortable. Kind of like how when girls go shopping we'll buy a pair of jeans that are a little too tight just because they don't totally cut off our circulation and the thought of going a size up is unbearable. So yeah, studying English and Secondary Ed, while not completely perfect for me, was ideal enough to declare as my major when I enrolled in my university. My first tip-off that I needed a change should've been the major-exclusive class I took last semester where I felt as though I was completely drowning while my peers were happily swimming laps in the deep end of the pool. I kept telling myself "this is normal, I'll get the hang of it", but soon enough I began to dread that class. I knew that was weird--you should love your major courses--but I chalked it up to lack of experience and told myself I would enjoy the English class I would take in the Spring semester. Well, shocker, I'm in that English class now and after only four lectures I'm not feeling it. Now that's weird: two major classes in a row I wasn't absolutely excelling in and didn't want to attend. The thoughts in my head saying "maybe change your major" began to rapidly multiply until it was all I could think about. Once I sucked it up and realized I needed a change, there came the next challenge: change to what? Sure, I knew I didn't like the track I was on, but that sure didn't mean I knew the perfect track to jump over to right away. Then there came the most productive gym session I've had in a while.

One of the things I love most about going to the gym is the hour--give or take--I get to spend quality time with my thoughts. Not as a surprise to anyone, I was thinking about the issue of changing my major as I pumped iron and did crunches. As my thoughts raced, I was reading a magazine on the elliptical. On one of the pages there was an interview with a woman from Richmond, Virginia (about two hours from my hometown) who attended a state school that currently works as the Social Media Director at Maybelline cosmetics, one of my favorite brands. Her job profile involves using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest to make connections, blog writing, and researching trends for the brand. I sighed and thought to myself God, something like that would be the dream job. Then I realized, whoa there, there's a major here. It was then I thought really hard about why this job sounded so enticing, and I realized it was because it combined my three passions and skill-sets: writing, using social media, and all things girly. Ideally, I'd love to work in a big city with a publication or beauty brand I'm passionate about dealing with new media; the great thing about being in college right now is that as I hang out here and take the right classes, new jobs like I just described are being created every day. With the fire of a potential new life plan warming my frigid walk back to the dorm, my head was spinning. I called my mom to get her blessing and then perused JMU's Undergraduate Course Catalogue to find a pre-professional track that fit those qualifications, and that's how I ended up declaring a Media Arts and Design major yesterday!

Unfortunately this major requires applying to the School of Media Arts and Design, which I won't be eligible to do until next September, so not much is changing as of right now, but right now I'm just focusing on getting my Gen-Eds out of the way to really dig my heels into the program as soon as possible. If I'm admitted to the program I'll hopefully have a concentration in either Journalism or Converged Media with a minor in Creative Writing. I know, it sounds very confusing, but basically all this means is I'm on the right path to get where I want to go. I'm just so relieved to be focusing on a life plan that excites me and is well worth the challenge. Could I have continued as an English major and taught in a high school all my life? Sure. Would I be good at it? I have no doubt. Would I feel fulfilled and creative every day? Probably not. I've always had a secret obsession with working for a female-oriented brand, I just didn't know how to get there. So if you're at all like me with a hidden interest in a lifestyle that seems way unattainable, there's a good chance it's possible, it just may not be perfectly-manicured.

Well anyway, that was my big update for you guys; I hope you're as excited as I am for this switch in scenery and who knows? Maybe in a few years I'll be writing this blog from my dream office or in the Starbucks next to the adorable organic foods store in the hip, warm city I'll be living in. As for me, I can't wait, and I hope you'll still be around to hear about it.


  1. 1. love the new blog layout. v. cute
    2. that sounds exactly what i'm doing with my co-majors of professional writing and interactive media studies


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