What You Don't Learn in Your Lectures

I've only been in college for a few months, so naturally I claim to be an absolute expert on the subject. Go ahead and ask me any questions you have about any aspect of the university experience, and I guarantee I'll be able to bullshit an answer so beautiful you'd think it's actually correct and rooted in intellect. In all seriousness though, I have done a lot of learning and growing in these last few months, and while a good amount of that learning and growing has taken place in my classrooms, most of it hasn't. I've found that my friends are often even better teachers than my most dedicated professors and the hallways of my dorm complex are more knowledgable than those of the libraries. And honestly that's the best part of it all: my corporate, bustling hometown has been wrung dry of novel learning lessons, but these new people I've met sure aren't.

I truly feel as though certain people were placed in my path to shape who I want to be in these severely important years. And maybe it's because I'm feeling home-away-from-homesick, but something about tonight is making me feel a strong desire to be with these people. I'm missing everything from the clothes I left in my dorm room to the pink carpet between mine and my roommate's beds that sheds everywhere. I'm missing the nights spent yelling profanities over difficult homework and wishing each other sweet dreams at 1 AM when it's finally time to get a few hours' rest. And even more than that...

I'm missing the pretentious upperclassmen in my English classes that speak with a level of linguistic sophistication I worry I'll never achieve. I'm missing the women that work at Starbucks and always make my iced coffee just the way I like it. I'm missing the strangers you pick out of a crowd because of their pink hair, booming laugh, or cute dimples. I'm even missing the kids from high school that followed me in my journey that remind me where I came from and how much growing I've done since then.

But most importantly, I'm missing my friends. I'm missing friends with accents and phrases that aren't familiar and their New York sense of urgency about everything. I'm missing friends that don't know what it's like to go to school with every other race in God's catalogue of diversity because they grew up near farms. I'm missing friends that listen to good music and obsess over their preferred breed of dog. I'm missing friends that have a global perspective to share with me and are so filled with love and understanding. I'm missing friends that tuck me into bed and have an innate maternal instinct. I'm missing friends that talk about the painful things they've experienced without an ounce of self-loathing or even a flicker of masochism in their eyes. I'm missing friends that have been through more than they deserve but refuse to be weaker as a result. I'm missing friends that make me feel comfortable, loved, and strong.

Thankfully we'll all be reunited in 10 days.


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