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An Open Letter To My Thighs

Dear Thighs 1 and 2,
How are you? If I had to guess you're probably a little sore and angry at me because I've been participating in the 30-Day Squat Challenge, meaning you two have had to back it up more than you're used to. But I promise it's for the best, guys; soon you'll be even stronger than you already are. Not to mention your friend, my Butt, will be much cuter. I know that's not really your territory, but I thought you might want to know.

Anyway, I'm writing you in part to apologize for the way I've treated you in the past. I also want to praise you two, but since I'm a "bad news first" kind of person, we'll start with the apologies. Thighs, I'm sorry for talking so much shit about you over the years. I know calling you "fucking tree trunks" and "cow thighs" was uncalled for; sometimes I neglect your feelings. I'm also sorry for getting mad at you every time I wear shorts or dresses. I sometimes for…

Post-High School Happiness

Hello, friends! Remember that time I said I would post every day leading up to Valentine's Day? Well, clearly that was a big "oops" on my part; my university closed on Thursday and Friday after we got hit with nearly a foot of snow, leaving me perfectly content sitting in bed doing nothing productive. Not that I think of you as a chore or anything, but when it's so cozy under the covers and the Netflix queue just seems to stretch on for miles, it's hard to even peel out to go to bathroom down the hall. But anyway, I had an amazing Valentine's Day, or rather Galentine's Day. Kickin' it single girls' style is some of the most fun you can have on February 14th, if you allow yourself to be positive about the whole situation. And when your roommate gives you a stuffed animal monkey that sings One Direction it's hard to feel glum and unloved. Plus, you can't go out to get 1 AM milkshakes in your pajamas with your boyfriend, but the girls you'…

Apologies and Mommies

Good afternoon, friends. I hope you're all having a good day; I definitely am so far. JMU cancelled classes today for upperclassmen assessments, so today's been one of those "running errands and reading a good book at Starbucks" kind of days. It's one of those days that reminds me how much I love hanging out with myself and being my own coffee date. It's the kind of day that makes me feel badly for complaining and whining two days ago on this blog. If you read my last post about being sick and having a group project to do, I'm sure it left a sour taste in your mouth. I'm sorry for sounding like a brat, I really am. To compensate for that unnecessary negativity, and with Valentine's Day on Friday, I thought I'd write a quick post every day leading up to it lamenting on something or someone I love. And of course, it would be wrong to kick it all off with anyone but my forever Valentine, cheerleader, and best friend: that's right folks, I'…

Being Sick, Group Projects, etc.

Hello friends! I'm currently sitting in my school's library, playing my weekly game of "Oh Shit It's Sunday Time to Do All the Homework". But before I become engulfed in Lifespan Psychology and Victorian-era lit, I thought I would check in with you guys. Also my head is pounding and my muscles all ache so I'm trying to slowly ease into my workload.

Now before you jump to conclusions and make assumptions, I'm not hungover. I know I go to one of the top party schools in the nation, but I spent last night--and this entire week actually--being sick. I'm talking body-crippling, nose-running, staying up at night dry coughing sick. I never used to be that girl that got sick all the time, but moving to college that's completely changed. It makes sense, because I went from being an only child with plenty of my own space to being constantly surrounded by others. Not that I mind though; in fact, as a result of living in the dorms I sometimes get really lonel…

How to Love the Gym

Good evening, y'all! I think blogging in the gym is officially the weirdest activity I've paired with my cardio routine. I've watched Netflix, read books, and studied for AP exams on many an elliptical, but this may take the cake. For those trying to visualize, though, I'm typing on my phone using Blogger's mobile app; can you imagine someone bringing a laptop to the gym?! But anyway, it's actually very appropriate that I'm writing from a bike machine tonight, because today I wanted to share with you my tips for loving your workout routine, or if you're a newbie tips to create your workout routine. So purchase your memberships now because you're about to get seriously motivated.

Tip One: Treat Yourself to Cute Workout Wear Now I can't promise you'll look quite as glamorous as Taylor Swift when you emerge from the gym, but you'll sure look cuter than the girls wearing their dad's ratty old college basketball T-shirts. And maybe it'…

The Dynamic of the Group Chat

Happy February, everybody! I hope you're still committed to your New Year's Resolutions and you're keeping warm during the Polar Vortex. As most of you reading this are in the Northeast, I hope you enjoyed the brief warm spell we had this weekend. Okay, now before I turn into one of those people that is so terrible at small talk that they resort to commenting on the weather, I'll change topics. Believe it or not windchill isn't what I wanted to talk about today. Instead, I thought I'd talk about a topic close to my heart: the political schemes and dramatic downfalls of the GROUP TEXT.

At the present, I'm probably included in 4-5 group chats, ranging in number from 3 to 9 contributors. Some of these group chats are just smaller versions of larger groups and usually start as a result of trying to coordinate lunch one day, but without fail all end up being at least 60% awkward. Now even if you have the most communicative and engaged group of friends, I guarant…