Being Sick, Group Projects, etc.

Hello friends! I'm currently sitting in my school's library, playing my weekly game of "Oh Shit It's Sunday Time to Do All the Homework". But before I become engulfed in Lifespan Psychology and Victorian-era lit, I thought I would check in with you guys. Also my head is pounding and my muscles all ache so I'm trying to slowly ease into my workload.

Now before you jump to conclusions and make assumptions, I'm not hungover. I know I go to one of the top party schools in the nation, but I spent last night--and this entire week actually--being sick. I'm talking body-crippling, nose-running, staying up at night dry coughing sick. I never used to be that girl that got sick all the time, but moving to college that's completely changed. It makes sense, because I went from being an only child with plenty of my own space to being constantly surrounded by others. Not that I mind though; in fact, as a result of living in the dorms I sometimes get really lonely if I have a minute alone, but honestly all I've wanted this week is to be in my bed at home with my mommy making me chicken noodle soup. But I'm still trucking, and I haven't missed any of my classes, so hopefully getting some more rest and inhaling a few more mugs of tea will help my cause.

Anyway, that's not the prevailing topic of today's post, I swear. Instead I wanted to talk about one issue I never had to really deal with before I got to college, that issue being the inconveniences of a group project. I'm sure a lot of you reading this right now are probably groaning and rolling your eyes with me, because you too can understand my frustration and stress. See, before college, group projects aren't that big of a deal, because your teacher arranges time to work during school, and if you fall behind you just congregate at someone's house that Saturday. Usually the groups are self-selected, aka working with friends or that one smart kid that'll do all the work. In college however, even if you pick your own groups that doesn't help matters much because you've most likely never seen these kids before and once the semester is over they'll disappear into a sea of random faces. And when it actually comes time to work, you have to put on pants and walk for ten minutes to hang out in the library all night while barely any work gets done. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience.

So anyway, this group project I have to work on today in particular is especially annoying because it didn't even have to be a group project. Maybe it's just my introverted tendencies, but I work so much more effectively alone. So when my French professor told the class we'd have an oral presentation next week that we could either do alone or with 2-3 other students I thought to myself okay yeah this'll be great, I'll just throw some shit into a translator and call it a day. Fifteen minutes tops! Awesome. As class was dismissed I began to pack my stuff and peel out to get dinner only pausing to accidentally make eye contact with the girl in the seat in front of me. That was my first mistake.

"Hey do you want to maybe work together?" she asked, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And me being a big fat people pleaser, I coughed up a "Yeah sounds great!", immediately wishing I could reel the words back in. But just as we agreed to work together, the girl to my right heard this exchange and asked if she could join, too. Now I'll admit a group of three is a lot better than a group of two in these situations, but as she chimed in I practically felt my easy A slip away into oblivion.

Now don't get me wrong, both girls are very sweet, but take into account my aforementioned sickness and the fact that all I want to do is sleep and you may begin to understand my desire to just shrivel up and accept a bad grade on this French project instead. Sorry if I sound like a brat, because it's just one of those days, ya feel me?

Sorry for the short post, but I really should get to work at some point here. I love you all and I promise I'll be feeling better next time we talk.


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