How to Love the Gym

Good evening, y'all! I think blogging in the gym is officially the weirdest activity I've paired with my cardio routine. I've watched Netflix, read books, and studied for AP exams on many an elliptical, but this may take the cake. For those trying to visualize, though, I'm typing on my phone using Blogger's mobile app; can you imagine someone bringing a laptop to the gym?! But anyway, it's actually very appropriate that I'm writing from a bike machine tonight, because today I wanted to share with you my tips for loving your workout routine, or if you're a newbie tips to create your workout routine. So purchase your memberships now because you're about to get seriously motivated.

Tip One: Treat Yourself to Cute Workout Wear
Now I can't promise you'll look quite as glamorous as Taylor Swift when you emerge from the gym, but you'll sure look cuter than the girls wearing their dad's ratty old college basketball T-shirts. And maybe it's just me, but I enjoy my workout a lot more if I'm wearing a cute outfit. I know it sounds dumb, but match your sports bra to the band on your yoga pants and just try not to feel put together, even drenched in sweat. The key, though, is making sure the workout clothes you treat yourself to (and don't go crazy--I'm talking two or three pieces from TJ Maxx) don't turn into your lazy day clothes. It's okay if you want to occasionally lounge in your cardio gear, but make this the exception and not the rule. For the most part, force yourself to go to the gym if you put on your new clothes. And trust me, if you're anything like me you'll have a hard time letting your new purchases just chill in your drawer unworn.

Tip Two: Make an Awesome Gym Playlist
In fact, make multiple gym playlists. I get tired of my workout mixes often enough that I make new ones every fourth or fifth workout, often focusing them around different themes or genres. Personal faves of mine include my "Early 2000s Throwback", "Country Cardio", and "Sassy Breakup Songs" mixes, but that's just me; you need to find what works best for you. Go through your iTunes and put together 10-30 songs that are upbeat and make you want to dance. If you're bored of your music library, search for mash-ups and remixes that feature your favorite artists; good DJs (that release free downloads!) include DJ PJW, Daniel Kim, and Earlvin. Also here's just a tip: songs you may find annoying under normal circumstances sometimes make for the best gym jams. I'm talking about all those Broadway soundtracks you have but never listen to. 

Tip Three: Multitask 

If you're not much of a music fan, try other ways to pass the time. My roommate, for example, loves listening to motivational TED Talks while she works out, but there's an endless list of things you can do. Amazon and Netflix both have movie and TV streaming you can view on your smartphone or tablet, so if you're currently marathoning The Carrie Diaries or Downtown Abbey, pair the two together. Or if you have reading together, either for class or because reading is fun, bring your book or magazine with you and perch it up on your machine. The point I'm trying to get across here is multitask with something you'd actually do in your spare time, because if you marry that activity to the gym then you have no choice. What works even better is doing a time-sensitive activity; for example when I'm at home I go to the gym when F.R.I.E.N.D.S is on, because my gym has TVs built into the ellipticals so I tell myself "if you want to watch you have to do it at the gym". Plus, once you get into your workout, you have to admit it's pretty fun; by multitasking you just end up pairing two hobbies.

Tip Four: Go with Friends 
Before we continue, can we just talk about how cheesy these stock photos are? Okay moving on, working out with friends has proven to help with motivation, especially if you're the competitive type. In fact, I once read in a magazine that the ideal gym partner is about 40% more fit than you are, therefore creating a desire to keep up with an ability to actually do so, resulting in the best workout of your life. So ask a friend to come with and secretly peek at her stats (I'm kidding, I would never! Well...) 

Tip Five: Treat Yo'Self! 
A la Parks and Recreation, one of the best shows currently on television. Although now that I'm thinking about it, you probably shouldn't go as crazy as Tom and Donna every time you leave the gym, but rather dial it back into the realm of being realistic. You need to find something both a) affordable and b) at least relatively healthy. When I was just getting my footing with working out, I would treat myself to Starbucks after each trip to the gym--but I would get 60 calorie iced coffee instead of a sugary frappuccino; see the difference? For you your treat may be something completely different, just think on it a bit. And remember you don't have to treat yourself every time if you'd prefer to save up for something a little more pricey, like a new dress after a solid month of gym-ing it 4 times a week. Just remember that the treat should reflect the work you put in.

And that's it! I hope you all found this helpful at least the tiniest bit. If you're a gym rat like me, leave comments below suggesting similar posts you'd like to see! 


  1. I just love the tips that you listed there. One of the greatest motivations in doing something is having fun while doing it. Those tips exemplify such thinking. I think having fun while working out in the gym will definitely get someone asking for more. Those tips of yours are the perfect way to do just that. Thanks for sharing them!

    Ari Maccabi @ InFighting


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