25 Facts About Me

Well wouldn't you know it, readers: we've reached our first milestone. 25 posts! That may not seem like a lot, but I'm still just as excited as ever to be updating you on my life and my stories. So to reach well into the double-digits without tiring of this relationship we have is pretty exciting if you ask me. I was thinking about what I wanted to post to commemorate this mildly riotous occasion, and I decided that even though we've been going steady for 3 months now, you still don't know a lot about me. And thus I present 25 Facts About Me, one for each post I've written thus far.

1) I'm an only child, although I have three step-siblings: a boy and two girls. When I was younger, I would claim them as my full-blood brother and sisters, but we've never lived in the same house or have even been too close. But nevertheless they're awesome
2) I have a dog named Hollie, who's a miniature Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle mix) and completely adorable. Early on in the school year we lost my other dog Rascal, who was a 13-year-old Shih-Tzu we adopted about 4 years ago. He was grouchy and irritable, but we all loved him just the same.

3) I worked retail in high school. My first job was at a little girl's clothing store, which as first jobs go wasn't too terrible. After quitting because the mall was too far of a drive, I took another job at the same mall. I know this sounds stupid, but I was promised a pay raise and longer hours--turns out that wasn't the case at all, but rather my shifts were cut more often than not. Still in all though, good resume builders.
4) One of my favorite food products is guacamole, to the point where I'm a snob about it. So far the best guac I've found is made fresh at Whole Foods, but I'm open to suggestions.
5) I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and I've read all the books multiple times. I've also been to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios and it was the best theme park experience ever.
6) Speaking of theme parks, I hate roller coasters. I have a really weak stomach when it comes to drops and flips. So basically if you're looking to go to Busch Gardens, maybe don't invite me.
7) I have a tattoo on my wrist that says "fearless" in Taylor Swift's signature font. It has various meanings, and I love it. The pain was 100% tolerable, so much so that I'd be willing to do it again.
Photo taken an hour after having the tattoo done.

8) The best experience of my life so far (I have a very limited 18 years, mind you) was on July 6th, 2013 when I saw Taylor Swift in concert in Pittsburgh, PA with Julia, one of my best friends.
9) That being said, I've been to a total of 3 Taylor Swift concerts in my life. Itching to up that count though.
10) My first word was "doggie". Guess that answers the question of whether I'm a dog person or a cat person.
11) If given a magic lamp with a genie inside, I would wish for a guaranteed career writing for Glamour, some way to get free Chipotle burritos for life, and a killer bikini body without having to try too hard.
12) Speaking of bikini bodies, though I don't have one, I'm working on it. I go to the gym on average 6 days a week, and my go-to exercises are elliptical, bike machines, and running.
13) Sticking with the fitness theme, my mom is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and superhuman.
14) When I'm irritable, aka PMSing, my number one pet peeve is incessant humming and whistling.
15) When I was a freshman in high school, I kept a blog called "The Learning Process", which was terrible and has since been deleted.
16) I have too many celebrity crushes to count on both my hands, but if I had to pick a top three I'd have to go with Harry Styles of One Direction, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Seth Meyers.
17) I'm currently in the process of watching American Horror Story with my roommate. We're on season 1; no spoilers please!
18) I have a phobia of vomit that is so severe it caused me to cry when I saw Pitch Perfect for the first time. You know what I'm talking about if you've seen it.
19) My favorite movie of all time is The Way, Way Back. It came out recently but didn't get nearly enough hype; if you haven't seen it already you absolutely have to. It's a non-negotiable.
20) I once went to a Halloween party dressed as Olive Penderghast, the main character in Easy A. A small group of drunk boys asked me what my name was, I told them it was Emma Stone, and they proceeded to call me that all night. One of my bigger successes.
Photo credits to the wonderful Kailey White

21) My first crush was in 1st grade on a boy named Jonathan, who I went to school with through high school. I think in that time we've had exactly half of a conversation.
22) Since coming to college, I've been exposed to the wonderful world of Goodwill and now I can't stop buying men's flannels.
23) I drive a Mazda Tribute named Ezra that's just shitty enough to be in that sweet spot of lovable while still drivable.
24) For some inexplicable reason, I hate the smell of Herbal Essences hair products. I used to use their shampoos and conditioners all the time, but one day something just snapped and now whenever a girl in our communal bathroom is lathering up with it, I resist the urge to yak.
25) And finally, because it's so fitting to my blog's title: when I go to Starbucks, my go-to drink is a grande hazelnut iced coffee with nonfat milk, plus an extra shot of espresso if I'm feeling especially brain-dead.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this and feel as though we got a little closer as a result. It's like we skipped ahead a few dates and now we're at that intimate trust level.


  1. heartbroken that you deleted the learning process


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