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19 Days of Freedom

Between my full-time job, starting Orange is the New Black, and trying my best to be social, I seem to have missed the memo that summer is nearly over. I return to school in 19 days, and honestly I couldn't tell you where the time went. I'm headed back to the ol' H-Burg kind of early in order to start RA training, and while I couldn't be more excited to go back, there's a very sad little girl inside me that wants summer to go on forever.

I mean, 19 days is almost three weeks, so I still have ample time to make memories and even out my awful sunburn. But that means that I need to seriously get to work on my Summer 2014 bucket list...actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I don't have a Summer 2014 bucket list. The first official item on my Summer 2014 bucket list is 1) Make a Summer 2014 bucket list. I think you see where this post is headed.

Summer 2014 Bucket List
1) Make a Summer 2014 Bucket List (that was easy) 2) Go lasertagging (I seriously haven'…