Shake It Off and the Fall Semester

Oh my god, hi guys. It's been too long. Between turning 19, going back to college, and starting my on-campus job as an RA I've been swamped. My grandma has been complaining that I haven't called her in weeks and my blog has been begging for attention for even longer. I feel really shitty about the fact that I seem to be starting every blog post this way, but hopefully as I settle back into the academic routine things will get back on track. I'm thinking maybe every Tuesday night will be my night to blog, as I'm required to be on duty and sit in the hall office almost every Tuesday night for the next few weeks. And although you never know with college freshmen, I'm assuming they won't be partying too hard when there's class the next day, so it should be pretty quiet. Although as I said: you never know.

Anyway, since coming back to college, I've been in a weird time warp that feels like a cross between work and summer camp, and the entire time it's been uncomfortably humid. Luckily, my RA staff is awesome and are all great people to lean on in times of stress, and I would say that even if they didn't all have access to this blog. I really do feel connected to the building in which I live and work, and I'm excited to make a difference in the lives of the freshmen students cohabiting it. Those aforementioned students moved in on Wednesday, and it's genuinely exciting to see my university through their scared, overwhelmed eyes. If you didn't already know, I go to JMU, and I absolutely love it; being around students that are new to campus is only reaffirming my love and making it run deeper. I know, cheesy right? Everyone grab your barf bags. But really: going with my freshmen residents to programs and events, seeing them bond and soak up all orientation has to offer, I feel honored to help introduce them to the happiest place on Earth.

In other news, classes start on Monday, and I couldn't tell you how ready I am to get into the routine. I'm finally taking classes that satisfy requirements for my major and minor, and I'm so stoked to learn about the subjects I've chosen to devote my life's work to. Of course, no sophomore year would be complete without a few boring Gen-Eds to get out of the way, so I am taking Religions of the World and Global Politics, but I'm hoping those won't be too terrible. The key word here is hoping: there is always a chance that they could suck, but I'm trying this new thing called optimism. I'm hoping to keep y'all in the loop as my classes progress, but as we know all too well, as classes progress they tend to get a little boring, so maybe I'll spare you those details.

And now for a totally random transition that has nothing to do with on-campus life or anything at all pertaining to the topic at hand...can we just talk about the new Taylor Swift song?? If you haven't already heard it or seen the video, first of all who are you? And second of all please educate yourself.
I'm not lying when I tell you that "Shake It Off" is all I've been listening to for the last few days since it came out; Taylor Swift has officially made her transition into a pop princess and I'm all for it. If you're not into her new sound, just like she says in the song: "the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate". To steal an exact quote from my own Tumblr, I love her new confidence and her Head Bitch in Charge (lovingly shortened to HBIC) attitude. There's a scene in the video where she's a cheer captain, and I love it because it's, too me anyway, a reference to her song "You Belong With Me", in which she croons “she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers”. At this point, she's past that point and is confident enough to literally be cheer captain and not give a fuck if you like it.This career move is so smart on her part, as she's inviting the Top 40 audience more than ever before while still ultimately staying true to herself. While of course there's a huge dichotomy between "Tim McGraw" and this new single, she's remained authentic. I could go on for days about how great this song is and how stoked I am for Tay's new album, but I won't bore you. Odds are if you know me in person, I've already talked your ear off about it, anyway.

And so, friends, it's reached that time I believe: I'm signing off for the night. I love you and I'll talk to you soon. I'll leave you with a few countdowns to write in your calendars, and I'll talk to you soon.


Days until classes start: 2
Days until 1989: 64
Days until my next blog post (hopefully): 3


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