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Intention and Competition

We've all heard the saying "there's always going to be someone better than you", and for the most part I personally have accepted this idea point-blank. When I got a B+ on a math test, I wouldn't be upset if someone got an A- on theirs, because I don't care for math. If I didn't win "Cheerleader of the Year" as a little girl clutching plastic pom-poms, I was okay, because I knew I couldn't even land a cartwheel. But here's the one caveat: there simply can't always be someone better than you. Usually, yeah that's the case, but somewhere in the world there exists someone who is "the best", meaning there's no one better. I guess the key there, though, is who would ever know? The actual scope of people that we have a grasp on is so limited, so there's no way to compare all seven billion of us. Like, you might say the absolute best gymnast that exists is whoever currently holds the Olympic gold medal for gymnastics, …