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Pretty Girl Broke

Pretty Girl Broke Lauren Sauer Mascara. A tube of black goop applied with a wand to exaggerate eyelashes. $8.99. “Lynne, she’s already obsessed with herself; she’s using your sunglasses as a mirror!” my dad says, shaking his head in disbelief as I stare at my own reflection in Mom’s tinted frames. In my three-year-old mind, I find pleasure in what I see; I like my pale toddler skin and the brown bug eyes in the middle of my face. My mom laughs as she watches me watch myself. In the coming years, coworkers, friends, and strangers will tell her I’m beautiful. She will learn to smile, then—as if by reflex—turn to me and say “it’s more important to be pretty on the inside.” Powder blush. A light pink pan of dust used to add color to the cheeks. $4.49. It’s a miserably hot day in June, when school is still is session but the neighborhood swimming pool is open for business. My best friend Naana and I sit on my mother’s bathroom counter, rifling through the wicker basket in which she stores her …