Blogmas? Blogmas!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my favorite time of the year: The Christmas Season! Yes--the capital C, capital S Christmas Season. It's a big deal. I'm so excited for the upcoming month and everything it entails, and I wanted to take you all along with me. I'm currently listening to "Today's Christmas" on Pandora and eating Candy-Cane Joe-Joes from Trader Joe's (which, to be honest, are just peppermint Oreos, but are somehow so much better than that), so I'm fueled for all things jolly. I'm not even a super religious person, but there's something about hot chocolate and snowmen and reindeer that awaken the child inside me. And my excitement should mean something to you, at least to those of you that like it when I update this blog regularly.

So Lauren, what's the big deal? You like Christmas, so what? How does that at all affect me? you may be asking yourself, and that's fair. But swallow that pride immediately, because I promise this IS a big deal, because I'm announcing the 1st annual...


Okay, I understand that that doesn't really clarify much, but basically this is my incredibly convoluted way of telling you that I'll be blogging every single day leading up to Christmas Day. Get excited. And these blog entries aren't going to necessarily be Christmas-oriented, because even I don't have that much to say about the holiday, but it's just an excuse to get a schedule going for a little while. Plus, it's an excuse to use a kitschy pun. So for those of you that tell me I never blog anymore, you can't complain (at least not for the time being). I'm here now. I'm so excited and motivated to catch up with you during the most jolly time of year. I hope you're at least somewhat interested.  

For some background, I'm doing this because I wanted a way to anchor myself in this blog during this weird, free-floating time in my life. December is always a strange month, and has only gotten stranger since I started college. The way my university works, we don't get a Fall Break, but rather just get an entire week off for Thanksgiving, then return at the end of November for a whopping total of 12 days.During those twelve days, we have one last week of actual classes, then one last weekend, then five days of Hell--ech hem--I meant five days of Final Exams. After those exams, we're free to go home for an entire month. If these 12 Days were to compare to the 12 Days of Christmas, it'd be something like: 12 hours studying, 11 pages of notes, 10 cups of coffee, 9 boxes of tissues, 8 all the food in my fridge out of stress (see what I did there?), 7 hours of sleep overall, 6 packets of Emergen-C, 5 FINAL EXAMS, 4 more cups of coffee, 3 additional essays, 2 hour drive home, 1 month home. Needless to say, it's hard to get settled anywhere for this entire month--I'm back at school for less than two weeks then at home for an awkward time that leaves me wondering if I should totally unpack or not. So while I'm either stressing or lamenting in my boredom, I thought it would be nice to retreat to this blog once a day for my own sanity. I hope these blog entries will also provide you with some solace during this holiday season, whether you need a quick study break or some light reading while you're hiding in your bedroom from the extended family downstairs.

So now that you're all caught up to speed with this Blogmas thing, I hope you're excited. I'm going to go ahead and get back to work on this horrible, no-good, very bad Philosophy essay that's due in a few days, but I'll leave you with this nice little quote I found today to keep you in good spirits:

"As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December's bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same" -Donald E Westlake

Stay sane, and I'll see you tomorrow (!!!)

x, Lauren


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