Blogmas Day 18: Resolutions Revisited

I read once that the best way to get kids to obey their bedtime is to slowly put them to sleep earlier and earlier every night until things are back to normal and they don't notice a difference. I think the same strategy can be employed here: every night it seems like I'm posting my entries an hour earlier than the night previous, so if I keep this up eventually I'll be writing at a normal time again. That's the goal at least.

Hey, guys! I hope you had a good Thursday! Mine went really quick--admittedly that's largely due to the fact that I slept until noon, but that's neither here nor there. I went to the gym for the first time since before finals, and while I could've done without all the old people giving me the side-eye (the gym I go to at home is majority senior citizens), it was nice to get my heart rate up again. It's crazy that once you incorporate exercise into your life how much your body begins to genuinely crave it. By getting my ass on an elliptical today I could feel my legs releasing a long-awaited sigh of relief. So that was good at least: even if I then spent the rest of my day in bed, with the brief exception of running to Target to buy conditioner, I can say I did something good for my body today.

So in the spirit of healthy habits, I thought it would be fun and potentially interesting if I went back and reflected on my New Years Resolutions for 2014. I made an entire blog post devoted to this topic last year, so through the power of modern technology I can copy and paste that entry here and comment on my successes and failures. Let's see just how badly this goes down in flames. (you can tell when it's over if the high was worth the pain)

1) Family and Friend Goals
-Be more easygoing. I find I often get very uptight when it comes to planning to hang out with friends or family and can to be less than flexible when it comes to being spontaneous or doing things differently than planned. It ends up causing me unnecessary stress.
I would like to say I worked really hard on that this year! While there's still room for improvement, I'd call this one a success. Still a work in progress, but ultimately a success.
-Check in with my family more often. Since I've moved away to college I don't talk to my parents every day, and sometimes I get too involved in my own life that I forget to say hello. This also goes for my extended family, especially my grandparents, who I really should call more often.
Yes. I do check in with my family more often. Especially living alone this year, I have more opportunities to call my parents and grandparents, which is nice and keeps me grounded through all the stress and chaos that is college.
-Be more patient with the people in my life and accept others' flaws with less reservation.
To be honest I don't even know what I meant by this, but it seems like it's still something I could work on.
-Try my best to be less jealous. I tend to feel very hurt or over-emotional when I don't get invited places or learn I was not included in things, which again only causes me unnecessary stress.
Ooh girl, this one is still very much a work in progress. Life is a process and we're never done growing, but this is something that I think I'll be working on for the rest of my life. I hope at some point, when I'm old and weathered, that I'll be content enough to stop comparing myself to other people. Ideally I'd like to reach that place much earlier than that. Maybe in 2015 much more progress will be made.

2) Spiritual Goals
-Try to find my own comfort zone with religion. I want to figure out exactly what I believe and how important these beliefs are in my guiding actions.
The thing that's funny about this goal is I definitely did take some time to think about my religious beliefs and "find my comfort zone" with God, but that has made me stray farther from figuring out exactly what I believe. I think the more I learn and the more life experiences I have, the harder it is for me to buckle down a working definition of religion and what that means to me. That's okay with me though, in as much as this confusion comes from a place of contemplation and spiritual growth. I'd rather be unanchored in my beliefs with good reason than blindly following a God without any understanding as to why.

3) Health Goals
-Go to the gym at school 4-5 times per week. I did that last semester and I want to keep it up.
For the most part I'd say yes. Of course there were times where I was completely unmotivated or sick or overwhelmed, but if you want to calculate an average I'd say in 2014 I went to the gym 4-5 times a week. And that's something I'm really proud of: 2014 was the year in which fitness became a permanent part of my life that will stick around for the rest of forever, whereas in years previous it was a fad I fell in and out of love with.
-Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day and cut out soda entirely. Actually pretty much cut out all sugary or fattening drinks other than coffee. But we'll see how that goes.
I did that! I haven't had any soda at all in 2014! I'm really proud of that, because I used to be that person that had a Dr Pepper with every meal. I think now after a year of making it a non-option, I rarely crave it anymore, but there are some times when I wish I could have a soda; I'd resisted the urge all year though. I think in 2015, I'll allow myself to have one during those very specific cravings (which are rare), but other than that I don't think I'll suddenly integrate it back into my life. Part of me is secretly wishing I'll try soda again for the first time and I'll hate it after not having it for so long. That would make it a lot easier to keep up the habit.
-Rediscover my passion for fitness and healthy eating. I go in and out of healthy living phases, and for most of the last year I was definitely out of it.
I touched on this earlier, but I really have hit my stride in the fitness department this year. I've also been pretty good about healthy eating, and while it could be cleaner, I don't restrict myself and use food as a way to make myself miserable. There are so many things that make life no fun, and french fries shouldn't be one of those things.

4) Work and School Goals
-Get on the Dean's List at least once. That means either this upcoming Spring semester or the Fall semester of next year. Preferably both, but let's not get unrealistic here.
I did that!! I'm so proud of myself for making Deans List during the Spring Semester last year, and while this past semester I didn't quite make the cut, I'm proud of myself nonetheless. Getting on my academic grind is something I really kicked into high gear this year, and something that I'll make sure continues in 2015.
-Do 100% of the required reading for my English classes.
Hahaha no I didn't do that. To be fair, I wrote this when I was still an English major, so it's not that big of a deal that I didn't get my nose in that Norton Anthology as much as I should've.
-Find a job at school and line up a good paying job for the summer.
I did both of those things! Not much more to say about that.

5) Mental Health/Misc. Lifestyle Goals
-Keep up with my "Good Things" journal every day. (if that's confusing see my last post)
I keep a journal in which I write down what good things happened every day in 2014, and it's something I've kept up with pretty consistently all throughout the year.
-Read 50 books in 2014 and record them on this blog. These can be both books for school and for pleasure.
No. Not even close. I would love to say I read more than 10 books this year, but life got in the way. Maybe in 2015...
-Blog at least 4 times a week :)
See directly above.

Well guys, while I definitely fumbled on some of those goals, I definitely think I stayed pretty committed throughout this year. There's still about 2 weeks left in 2014, and I'm gonna make them count. I encourage you to do the same. Finish strong. I'll see you tomorrow!


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