Blogmas Day 20: Christmas To-Do List

I was starting to write my blog much earlier in the evening these past few days (read: 9 or 10 PM instead of 11), and yet here we are again at 11:15, rushing to meet my midnight deadline. Honestly, I don't think anyone really notices when I post my blogs later at night, but something about trying to hit that "publish" button before Saturday switches to Sunday makes me feel like I'm a real life professional writer getting the draft of my column to the editor before the clock strikes. That's very overdramatic, but whatever gets me motivated, am I right?

Well anyway, today went by incredibly quickly, which again is due to the fact that I took a 3 hour nap in the evening. Not a great habit. It's a habit I'm trying to break, though admittedly I'm not trying that hard. I just keep watching The Office on Netflix until 3 AM then wake up the next day at noon. And then I give into tired eyes around six and wake up disoriented and hungry. So yeah, my winter break is off to an amazing start. Lots of life-changing adventures. 

Okay but seriously, today I did get to go see The Nutcracker performed by the Washington Ballet, and it was amazing. It's incredible how they can tell such a vivid, rich story with only dance. I loved seeing all the intricate costumes and how beautiful all the ballerinas were. Plus, it amazes me how they can say en pointe for that long without their toes falling off. I got to go into the city with my mom, all dressed up in a skirt and high heels, feeling inherently holiday-esque. Which is saying a lot because lately I haven't been feeling that way. Christmas is only five days away, yet it feels further than that. Maybe it's the milder temperatures as of late or the daunting shopping list I still need to tackle, so any chance to get back in the festive spirit is welcome.

But I need to be more in the spirit! I need to be decking the halls and singing Christmas carols and drinking hot chocolate. In fact, I think I need to make a list of holiday things to do before January. I'd say before Christmas, but that's rushing things a little bit.

1) Make a playlist of perfect Christmas songs and listen exclusively to that playlist from here on out.
2) Bake every type of Christmas cookie that exists. Decorate intricately. Potentially fail miserably.
3) Drive around looking at Christmas lights in neighborhoods.
4) Find that gift that will make someone's eyes light up. Wrap it with cute paper and tie with a bow.
5) Go visit a Christmas village or at the very, very least go ice skating.
6) Tell all the kids I come across that Santa isn't real
7) Definitely not number six. Nope. Keep that Christmas magic alive for the little ones.

So home friends: if you're reading this, let me know if any of that seems enticing to you. I'm totally prepared to go be festive on my own, but that's not fun at all. Plus, the holidays are only as fun as the people you surround yourself with.

"Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." -Winston Churchill

Okay well now I should go. SNL is starting and my boys One Direction are the musical guests. I think it's safe to say that requires my full attention. I'll see you all tomorrow!



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