BEDA 26: The key is to do nothing

Hello friends! It's late on Sunday night and also my first opportunity to really sit down and chat with you guys. I've been busy pretty much all day, not really doing too much real work, but rather the exact opposite.

Roomie (y'all know this by now I'm sure, but on the off-chance you forgot: Ashley, my freshman year roommate, who I call Roomie pretty much exclusively) and I went on a road trip to meet her grandparents for lunch today, because apparently we've reached that point in our very committed relationship where we meet one another's extended families now. The whole point of the trip was for Roomie to pick up a laptop from her grandma, but I tagged along for the ride because I know how boring a two hour trip can be when you're alone, especially when you have to turn right back around again and go home again. We spent the entire time singing to music and having heart-to-heart convos, which was much needed after having kind of a rough few days. Plus we got frozen yogurt once we got back to campus, which was much needed (to be honest: PMSing super hard and was craving some fro-yo. TMI?)

ANYWAY...after that I went to a geology review session for my exam tomorrow, kicking off the first of two terrible busy weeks. The review session definitely helped though, because even if I already knew a lot of the material, just having the information reiterated by TAs is always good reassurance. Plus, they were able to tell me some inside scoop info about the exam, so now I know a little bit more of what to expect.

But to be honest, y'all, I was only at the review session for about an hour, and then after that I grabbed dinner and hung out with Roomie some more. I swear to God we're attached at the hip; we get separation anxiety when we're apart. But that's beside the point. Point is, I don't feel bad about not studying more for my exam tomorrow. I feel really confident and I've been working really hard all weekend--I know my stuff. I hope I'll be just as confident tomorrow while I'm actually sitting down in front of my test, but really I can't imagine anything is going to totally floor me. And I think in some cases, it's good not to overwhelm yourself with cramming up until the last minute. Of course that's not always the case, and most of the time extra studying is definitely the way to go, but I'm also a big believer in relaxing. Take your mind off the exam if you can afford to do so; take some personal time to recharge your battery. If you really know the material well, there's no sense stressing yourself out in favor of a late night study sesh. Just get some rest and kick butt on your exam. So that's what I'm going to do, y'all. I will see you tomorrow, hopefully reporting back with a good grade on my exam. Wish me luck!


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