BEDA Day 10: Good Things Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Coming at you live from the RA office, where I'm currently sitting duty. I'm here until 2 AM, serving this community and keeping it safe. Yadda yadda yadda. Long story short: I'm babysitting freshmen. So to combat that, today I wanted to just spew out some happiness at your computer screen, because it's been a pretty solid week. And plus, it's good to focus on the positives, especially when things get overwhelming.

So, good things:

1) I got an 80% on my geology exam today! I could've sworn I did much worse than that, but apparently I know a thing or two about rocks and shit.

2) I got two books in the mail from Amazon today! New books are fun; I haven't been reading lately (so needless to say that New Years Resolution is going...great...)

3) I got back in the gym after taking a week off from working out, solely because I was lazy. Well, and also because I got super sick. Speaking of...

4) I'm not super sick anymore! After ten days of feeling under the weather, I'm finally starting to feel like a real human again.

5) I'm seeing my favorite teacher from high school tomorrow. And she's pregnant! So exciting; she's gonna be such a great momma. I can't wait for her and her husband to be super cool, liberal, hippy parents.

6) There's a very good chance I'm going to buy myself candy from the vending machine shortly after this blog post goes live.

7) Two of my friends surprised me with cookies and cream flavored ice cream from our local dairy bar! And then they hung out with me while I was on duty for awhile. So blessed to have thoughtful, kindhearted people in my life.

8) The weather was beautiful all week, give or take a few rain showers. I chose to walk to class instead of taking the bus on a few occasions, which really did wonders to clear my head.

9) I read aloud a poem I wrote the other day in class (the poem I posted a few days ago, actually) and it was really well received and started an in-class discussion on street harassment and catcalling. Validation, for sure.

10) There's officially less than one month left in the school year. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not, since of course I don't want another year to come to an end so soon...but I'm ready for summer y'all. Now that I've had a taste of nice weather, it's hard to keep my nose in a textbook.

Alright, I'll leave you all with that for the evening. I hope you had a great week full of good things.



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