BEDA Day 12: An Ode to Endorphins

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you had good, relaxing days. My day started off right, brunching and shopping with some of my wonderful girlfriends, but I'm not gonna lie to you all: things took a turn. In the midst of cleaning, doing homework, and general productivity that seems to always fall on a Sunday, I got some unsettling family news. Now before you jump to conclusions, everything's fine. All my loved ones are in good health thankfully. Just some personal business that I'm really not emotionally ready to handle right now. And initially my plan was to cry myself to sleep with no food in my stomach, only to wake up cranky and puffy-eyed on Monday morning. But I didn't do that. I went to the gym.

That's why this post is titled "An Ode to Endorphins": because exercise is the best. Working out boosts your mood unlike anything else on this planet--I'm so thankful that I've become someone who actually craves cardio. I know how that sounds; I know I sound like an elitist Nike snob. That's not my intent though guys--I just really want you all to know how good it feels to sweat. Exercise isn't just some terrible chore that everyone hates but sticks with to look good in a bikini. I mean sure that's a nice side-effect, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Working out makes you feel empowered. It makes you feel unstoppable. It makes you feel superhuman. Working out just makes you feel good. I mean here I am post-workout, feeling like I never even sobbed on the phone to my mom a few hours ago.

God, endorphins are so good. Go run a mile and try to tell me you don't feel amazing.



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