BEDA Day 13: Compliment People

Happy Monday, guys! I hope your days were as stress-free as possible, though I know that's hard to hope for on a Monday. At the very least, I hope you had at least one good cup of coffee to help get you through it.

My Monday was pretty good all in all--kind of a long day though now that I'm thinking back on it. Do you ever do that? Do you ever think about everything you did in a single day and think to yourself, "wow...I seriously accomplished all of that in one day? The stuff I did this morning seems like it was forever ago." I went to four classes, filed a tax extension, did homework in Dunkin Donuts, read a book in the sunshine, worked out, got dinner with a friend, showered, blogged, and cleaned my room. Quite the productive Monday if you ask me. Can't promise I'll be super on my grind tomorrow. I just have one class and an afternoon cat nap scheduled, that's about it. Maybe a few episodes of Mad Men if I'm being really ambitious.

Switching gears: today I wanted to talk about compliments. Compliments are great. Receiving a compliment puts that spring in your step to propel you forward on even your worst days. Because maybe you just failed an exam, spilled down the front of your shirt, and got in a fender bender, but that girl likes your shoes! You're on top of the world! In all seriousness--because I know that's a little exaggerated--getting compliments feels so good, and yet I hardly ever return the favor. I rarely find myself telling people when I like what they're wearing, a joke they told, the color of their eyes, etc. If I'm really close to someone, say my mom or one of my best friends, I'll shoot a quick "you look cute" or a "that was funny" to them in passing, but I need to do more than that. I want to challenge myself to do more than that. Because when I do compliment people, especially strangers, the light that seems to come from within them and warm their entire face is straight up the most beautiful thing in the world.

So that's my goal this week, guys: compliment someone every day. Bonus points if it's a stranger. Because too many times do I silent think to myself "I like that girl's skirt" without actually opening my mouth and saying so. What's the worst that could happen? She'll bite me? I think not. Odds are good that she'll smile super wide and think highly of herself. I want to contribute to that. I want to be the reason for someone's good mood. And I want you to do the same. Compliment someone tomorrow, especially if you're like me and rarely take the time to spread the love. The good energy and positivity will work like a boomerang, bouncing off of that life you've just touched to put a smile on your own face, too. Not that we're doing this to make ourselves feel absolved or special; it's not about that. But it never hurts to make your own day as a side-effect of making someone else's.

I'll leave you with some ideas to get you started. You guys rock; go make someone's day tomorrow.


The thing I like most about these compliments is none of them rely on appearance. It's nice to sometimes tell someone they have pretty hair or that they should consider modeling, but what's more important is what's on the inside. All that physical stuff fades; compliment someone's soul. As Ed Sheeran once said, "your soul could never grow old--it's evergreen."


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