BEDA Day 15: I Love Myself

I'm forever made fun of for my constant uttering of the phrase "I love myself." To be honest I don't at all mind, because I have a pretty thick skin and all the joking is in good fun, but I really just want to clear the air: it's not a bad thing to love yourself. It's not a joke to have good self esteem, and it's not problematic to take care of Number 1.

I love myself because I know how to do it the best--no one knows how to take care of me more than myself. No one knows when exactly I need to take medicine, or lie down, or read a good book, or be in the company of friends. Loved ones and those super intuitive might be able to make a good guess, but I'm the only person that's really at the frontline of my own needs. So then, why shouldn't I be constantly showing myself love and affection, especially when I need it most? Because I'm not trying to get depressing here, but at the end of the day, we only have ourselves. You come into the world alone, you leave the world alone. All that time in-between is spent with other ultimately temporary people. Whether it's through death, distance, or disdain, everyone eventually leaves. Except you. You stay with yourself--love yourself through the process.

And with that in mind, I love myself because it would suck if I didn't. Seriously think about it--if you had a friend who talked to you like you talked to yourself, would you be friends with that person? Not if they're constantly berating, critical, and negative. You wouldn't want to hang out with someone who's always mean to you, so why be mean to yourself? Sure, it's okay to sometimes be critical of yourself and to strive to right the wrongs you've committed, but overall you should be your biggest cheerleader.

That's what I try to do. That's why I always remind myself to engage in self-love. That's why I work out--I love myself enough to want a good bill of health. That's why I buy myself nice things on occasion--I love myself enough to drop some cash on a new purse when I've earned it. That's why I sleep on clean sheets and read good books and eat good food. I love myself and I want every fiber of my being to get the memo.

So in short: I know the phrase "I love myself" is funny. I know it's not commonplace for people--especially women--to be their own number one fan. We as a society are used to looking in the mirror and pointing out ten things we hate about what we see. We're shocked when someone sees their own reflection and says, "I look nice today." But it shouldn't be that way--we should want more for ourselves. We should strive to be comfortable in the only skin we're given and to be constantly bettering ourselves. That's the key: loving yourself is not blind cockiness and an aversion to criticism. Loving yourself is knowing you're not perfect and acknowledging your faults but refusing to make yourself miserable because of it.

In short: I love myself unapologetically and I don't care who knows it. I want all of you to love yourselves too. And if that's hard right now, because I get that, start with this: I love you. And I promise I'll love you enough to make up for the love you can't show yourself right now. That's, of course, on the understanding that you'll eventually take over my job, because at some point you need to fall head over heels with you.


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