BEDA Day 17: Girls Loving Girls

Hey guys! Happy Friday--currently cooped up in the dorm working tonight, as I will be pretty much every weekend until the end of the year. RA problems, ya feel me? It's all good though, because I'm effectively getting paid to wear leggings, no makeup, and stay in and watch Mad Men. Sometimes I secretly love my job for that exact reason: "oh shoot! Can't go out tonight--I'm on duty! I have to stay in! Yeah I totally sucks...*cough*"

But my elderly tendencies are not what I wanted to talk about this evening, believe it or not. Instead I wanted to talk about girl-on-girl love. Not that kind of girl-on-girl love, perv. I'm talking women supporting other women and how great that is. Women who pass out compliments to other women. Women who share shameless sex tips with other women. Women who don't let their friends get jerked around by fuckboys.

I was inspired to talk about this today because I was having such a good conversation with my home friends via text. The squad is comprised of three girls I went to high school with, and they're all the most supportive women I've ever met. Being friends with them is such a blessing, because I know they're forever accepting and proud of me, and vice versa. If one of us achieves something, the rest of us are cheering instead of trying to do one better. If one of us is having boy drama, the rest of us listen and offer genuine help. If one of us looks cute one day, the rest of us validate those feelings of high self-esteem. I know that if I ever need anything or want to ask any question, I can go to them without being looked at the wrong way. I know that I can figuratively take a tumble, and they'll be there to help pick me up and dust me off; that's such an important feeling. Especially as a woman, having other women by my side to unapologetically empower each other is the best.

The only sad thing is it's kind of a new occurrence. My friends and I supporting each other and being proud of our fellow lady is seen as not normal. I personally have been friends with so many petty, competitive, judgmental women in my life, as have we all, because that's the shitty norm. Girls--even girls who are friends--are supposed to secretly compete with each other. We're supposed to judge each other based upon manners, clothing, and sex lives. We're supposed to do whatever it takes to beat out all the other girls in our cohort. That sucks. It sucks that we're expected to be pitted against each other. It sucks that we're not supposed to support each other. That needs to change. I urge you all to surround yourself with inspiring, strong, smart, beautiful women; I guarantee it'll make your life so much better in every way conceivable.

If you'd like to hear more about my thoughts regarding girl hate, you can read a post I wrote over a year ago on that exact subject. Until then, though, I'm gonna return my attention to Don Draper.



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