BEDA Day 2: Science or Something

Wouldn't it be hilarious if I forgot to blog on the second day of BEDA? If right out of the gate I completely dropped the ball? By hilarious I mean pathetic and embarrassing. But I didn't forget! I remembered in just the knick of time--let's BEDA it up.

So right now I'm blogging in the midst of studying for this science exam I have tomorrow, and to be honest, I couldn't care less about anything I'm learning. Granted, I'm doing a lot of "listening to Fifth Harmony" and not a lot of "strictly devoting myself to my notes," but that's neither here nor there. I'm trying my best to focus on electromagnetic fields and parallel circuits and thermal energy, but I just don't care. And if you ask me, apathy makes studying nearly impossible. If I'm even remotely interested in what I'm learning about or if the class somehow benefits me later on, I can go over study guides like nobody's business. But science? I'm both intimidated and disinterested. I don't want to approach science in a dark alley. I don't want to touch science with a thirty foot pole. I don't want to take science out of coffee and ask it about its future goals. I would be perfectly happy living the rest of my life never having to utter the words "proton" or "thermodynamics" again. So as you can tell, I haven't really formed a full opinion on science yet. I'm pretty indifferent to the subject...

In all seriousness though, the thing that sucks about not being scientifically inclined is being looked at as lesser. For some reason, there's this myth that people interested in math and science are objectively smarter than creative types. And that's just not true. I've met plenty of engineering majors who can't hold a conversation and biology majors who don't how to piece together a literary analysis essay. But who's being revered and acknowledged? The nerds balancing chemical equations and looking at shit through a microscope.

And I mean maybe I'm being a little unfair to the Bachelor of Sciences in the world. I know their workload is very important and stressful and worthwhile. Without science we wouldn't have doctors and weathermen and engineers and basically the world as we know it would crumble apart. My sourpuss attitude just comes from a place of harbored hard feelings from people looking down on me for my interests and intelligences. It also comes from a place of science being BORING and DUMB. Sorry, that's my immature, cussed side coming out.

So anyway, even though I want to be doing anything else, I really should get back to studying. I would love nothing more than to tear up my notes and toss it around my dorm room like confetti, but I'm trying to do this whole "Dean's List" thing, which means I can't let this science class weigh my GPA down too hard. Aka I'm just trying to get a C+ on this exam so I can continue skirting by while exerting the lease amount of effort I can possibly muster. I'm such a role model; kids, you should aspire to be me in your collegiate endeavors.

Alright, I'll talk to you tomorrow!


PS: Apparently no one wants to do Question of the Day, so that was a fun experiment that failed pretty terribly.


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