BEDA Day 25: Psycho Crazy Study Sesh

Hey friends! Right now, at 5:11 PM, is the first time in 6 hours that I've taken a break from doing schoolwork. I've been buried deep in science notes, trying desperately to teach myself about waves and matter and ionic bonds. The good news is I'm getting a lot of work done well in advance, which will bode well for Future Lauren, but the downside here is my Saturday has been spent in the library, which isn't exactly my idea of fun. Oh well; with hard work comes high reward. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. Plus knowing that next week is the absolute last time I'll have to deal with science in any academic capacity is quite the motivator. As of Monday, May 4th at 10:00 AM, I'll be forever freed of science classes. Never did I think I'd be so close to the promised land of exclusively creative credit hours, but we're here, guys. It's so close I can taste it.

But to get there, I've been pushing myself extra hard these past few days, and it'll continue for the next week or so. But that's it. In as much as I had to trek through an entire semester of these terrible classes, I want to finish strong. I want to get the best grades possible on these final exams so these science Gen-Eds I was forced to take won't be totally in vain. Think of it this way: it's like this semester has been an entire marathon, and I'm currently finishing up the last mile. No sense in crawling to the finish line, since I've been running for so long. I might be exhausted and super over it, but you best believe I'm going to finish sprinting. And thus concludes my understanding of how marathons work, honestly. Huge props to people who can actually run 26.2 miles; just putting together this metaphor is exhausting for me.

So here's the plan from here until the end of BEDA: I'm taking the same approach. I'm finishing strong. There's only 5 days left in the month of April, and I'll be posting substantial entries all the way through. I can't promise they'll be super lighthearted or coherent, but dammit, they will be posted before midnight and they'll be longer than three sentences. I've gone ahead and made myself a detailed schedule for the next week (because I'm psychotic, apparently) that maps out my days down to the half-hour, and I've put in chunks of time devoted to blogging. And yes, before you ask, the schedule is highlighted and written in various shades of pink, blue, and purple. I like to be efficient, but I also like things to be pleasing to the eye. Anyway: don't worry guys, it's gonna happen. It is. There might be smoke coming out of my ears as I try to conceptualize these next few days, but it's gonna happen. Pretty sure at this point I'm just typing in circles and rambling on and on. Not even sure if this blog post has anything of substance in it. Whatever.

Until tomorrow, though, I need to get back to the books. I also should probably put some food in my stomach so I don't crash and burn at this library desk, too. Either way, it's time for me to go. I'll see you tomorrow. That's a promise.



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