BEDA Day 28: Mentally Vacationing

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Coming at you from, shocker, the library. I'm still studying for science, in preparation for my exam tomorrow. I studied with one of my classmates yesterday evening and I've gotten some help from my professor since we last spoke, so I'm feeling a little bit better about the material, but I definitely still need to go over things a few more times. That's the thing I hate about studying: I never know when I'm done, ya know? When it comes to things like writing essays, there's a very clear end point; there's a conclusion that you're working toward. With studying, I just don't know when I should stop without feeling guilty. I never feel confident about the material I've learned, especially in classes I don't naturally gravitate toward. I could have all the material memorized and mastered, but I would still feel unprepared. That's why a lot of times I just end up saying, "screw it. I think I know a thing or two, let's hope I'm right when I'm taking the exam." I think I'm reaching that point with this science stuff. I'll go over these notes a few more times, then I officially quit and give myself some downtime. We'll see whether or not I know anything about waves, atoms, and compounds tomorrow at 8 AM.

While I'm here studying, my mom called to say hi and give me a status update on her vacation. She's in Mexico right now, and I'm so jealous. She doesn't mean to brag, but it's hard not to be envious when she casually talks about how she went snorkeling and got an amazing massage earlier today. I want nothing more than to be there with her. To be fair though, no one deserves a nice vacation more than my mom; she works so incredibly hard. Every week of her life is as stressful as finals week, if not more. Still, right now I hate her and want to trade: she can study for my exams, I'll lie on the beach with a cold drink.

So for now I'm mentally vacationing: in my head, it's 78 degrees and there's clear blue water as far as the eye can see. In reality it's about 55 and cloudy today, but I'm channeling the art of visualization. If I squint hard enough, the carpeting in the library almost looks like sand and the students working around me are my fellow beach-goers. No one is talking about group projects or final grades; we're all listening to music and reading magazines while we work on our tans. It's a stretch, I know, but roll with it. Anything to get me through, right? That might just be the secret to finals week: the art of make-believe. That and lots of coffee. And the occasional Netflix break. There it is; that's the trifecta.

For now though, time to take a break from my mental vacation and review these notes again.



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