BEDA Day 30: Au Revoir

Happy Thursday, my loves! I hope you're all having good days. Can you believe it? We made it through April. Four months of 2015, gone. We're one-third done. Anyone else totally freaked out by that? Me too. But hey, SUMMER is nearly upon us, so it's all good.

BEDA has been good for me, guys. Posting (nearly) every day has helped to keep me accountable and on-track during this time of year, when I want to do nothing else but let my thoughts and my GPA wander. That's a big part of the reason why I chose to undertake BEDA: after successfully completing Blogmas during last semester's finals week, I remembered how accomplished I felt and how nice it was to have this blog as a daily creative outlet. And obviously I can blog any day of the year, but something about making it obligatory is really good for me as a writer.

John Green, author of Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, and Paper Towns (coming soon to a theater near you!) said once in an interview that he deals with writers' block by keeping in mind advice he's gotten from his father: "carpenters aren't allowed to get 'carpenters' block.' Writing is your job; you wake up every day and you do your job." And while obviously carpentry and writing are a little bit different, and while obviously I'm hardly a professional writer, I like the philosophy behind that. If being a writer is such an important part of my identity, it's something I need to keep up with. Runners run almost every day. Actors act almost every day. Salesmen sell almost every day. See what I'm getting at? Writing every day is good for me. Even if I churn out something I'm not proud of, at least I'm writing. Every blog post, poem, or essay doesn't have to be Pulitzer worthy, but every time I sit down to write, I'm welcoming the opportunity to be struck with my best piece yet. Can't accidentally write something amazing if you don't write at all.

So thank you, BEDA. Thank you for forcing me to write every day. Thank you for reminding me to keep up with the craft I love. Thank you, readers, for taking in my words. Whether you're my friend, acquaintance, or a total stranger, I love you and your readership. You make me feel heard and understood. You give me a boost. You rock.

I promise I'll be back soon. For now, finals to take, things to pack, and another school year to finish up. Can't believe I'm almost half way done with college. Can't believe I'm almost done with April. Can't believe I'm almost done with BEDA 2015.



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