BEDA Days 4 and 5: Sick

Hey, guys! So yesterday I just completely dropped the ball. No other excuse for it--I straight up forgot to blog. I've been sick all weekend, sleeping on and off and taking medicine, so in my NyQuil haze I managed to fall asleep without posting. To be fair, I'm sure very few of you noticed, but there's my apology nonetheless.

Today's Easter, and even though I'm not super religious, it doesn't feel like Easter at all. A lot of that has to do with me being sick, accompanied by both of my parents, who have been struck with the same wicked cold as I have. That meant no visiting extended family, no wearing a pretty sundress, no Easter ham for dinner. Instead, I stayed in my Target robe and ate a lot of soup. I think Jesus who understand, though.

Other than being sick, I did have a pretty good weekend all in all. On Friday night myself, plus my friends from home, visited our other friend who goes to school about two hours away. The road trip was fun, as was the change in scenery. We ate greasy, delicious fast food for dinner and got to soak up the beautiful spring weather until we fell asleep at four in the morning. Of course, eating the terrible food, yelling over top of loud music, and going to bed just before the sunrise only made me sicker, but sometimes you just have to put your health on the back burner so you can spend time with your friends. Only downside of the trip is we were barely there for twelve hours, so we didn't have much of an opportunity to explore. That's okay though, because it just means another full-fledged visit is definitely necessary at some point in the future. Plus, nothing quite like road trips with friends that somehow result in long-winded conversations about feminism and the gynecologist.

After that trip ended, everything is a sick, common cold blur. I came home to celebrate Easter weekend with my family, but instead of actually celebrating, I've been cooped up in bed for most of the visit. That's okay, though, because honestly I'd rather be sick at home than sick in my dorm room. At least here I can have my momma to take care of me. The only bad thing about coming home is it makes me want summer so badly. There's a little over one month left in this school year, and while it seems like the first day of classes was just last week, I'm ready. I've never experienced such a lack of motivation toward my schoolwork, and the warm weather only makes it harder to focus on my classes. I think a lot of that has to do with me finishing up my gen-ed classes; I'm sure once I'm taking classes I'm passionate about I'll feel differently. At least I hope so.

So anyway, I know this post is a little on the shorter side, but I'm gonna sign out. I'll talk to you all again tomorrow. Sorry again for forgetting to blog yesterday and for the rambly, haphazard nature of this post. Blame it on the meds.



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