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An Awkward Return (aka, my grand return to this blog)

Remember that time I told you all I was taking a brief break from this blog? Remember how I said I'd be gone for like a week, tops, but then instead fell off the wagon for nearly two months? That was cute, right?
Okay but in all seriousness, I've been thinking about you all nearly every day. Good ideas for blog posts have been filtering in and out of my consciousness nearly constantly; clever phrases and topics of conversation keep popping up in silent moments when my mind is wandering. In the car, in the shower, in those few moments before get the point. Basically any time I'm away from a computer or notebook; needless to say, these thoughts never have enough traction to really stick. Which is exactly why I'm doing this blog title justice: I've camped out in my nearest Starbucks, drinking a grande vanilla iced coffee and spilling my guts to this text box. Because trust me, after nearly two months, I have a lot to share.
Let me get back into that headsp…