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Reflecting on Nineteen

See, I told you it wouldn't be too long until I returned to you guys. It hasn't even been two weeks. And in those two weeks, I haven't done much of anything worth reporting, so it's not like you really missed out. Just lots of working and thinking and spending money--nothing too out of the ordinary. But I have really appreciated the awesome reception my last blog post received; I decided to post a link to this blog on Facebook, which is a notion that sort of freaked me out, but I got some nice responses and validation from some of my friends.

Anyway, it's August now, which means it's officially my birth month. And I guess it's officially my birth week too? I don't know, actually: is your birth week the week leading up to your birthday, or is it the week that follows? I'm not too sure; I would imagine it's similar to the Twelve Days of Christmas in that regard, which I also don't know the chronology of either (Is Christmas the first of those …