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On Disclosure

It's been a while, hasn't it? Isn't that just part of the routine now? I post something to this blog, feel immensely satisfied, promise to be back, and then take a leave of absence? That seems to be the cycle. You're all used to it by now; let's just jump in both feet first.

In the wake of my latest post--dated August 1st--I had a conversation with my grandmother about my blog and about disclosure. She, like most of my family, keeps up with these entries. And she, like most of my family (presumably), is uncomfortable with how much information I'm willing to divulge. To her credit, my grandmother is 80 years old; she comes from a different time before IP addresses and before the internet turned any willing person into a published writer. She worries about me and she loves me with an intense vigor. So for all of those reasons, I don't blame her for her concern, but I also don't agree with her. She's of the belief that depression, angst, embarrassment,…