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The Great Electricity of 2016

I know Blogmas is over, but I just can't seem to stay away from you. I have a lot of midnight thoughts, and while normally that'd be the type of thing I'd just write in a journal or distract myself from, I think these are productive midnight thoughts that I want to share with you. This post might be even more disjunct than normal, which is saying something. But as that rando in Mean Girls (she doesn't even go here!) once said, "I just have a lot of feelings."

So, let's get started, shall we? Of course this post is going to be a 2015 In Memoriam of sorts, because as New Year's Eve approaches I find myself pensive and self-reflective and preparing a list of resolutions for 2016. I think the big thing that I really want to emphasize is that I want 2016 to be the Year of Me. There's no way to say that without it sounding self-involved, but I just really need to prioritize myself and my goals. Because 2015 was a pretty good year, and overall I would gi…

Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Well, guys...we did it. Another Blogmas under our belts. It's been quite a weird month, and I'm happy to have shared it with you. Between a 70-degree Christmas, making Dean's List, putting on my first public reading, scoring tickets to a taping of Jimmy Fallon, and trying not to lose my mind in-between, December felt like the month that would never end, but in the best way. And while there is still about week before we bid this year farewell, I'm beginning to tie 2015 with a bow and brace myself for my next adventure, whatever that entails. And there's something about reflecting on the year and winding down from Christmas that leaves me feeling festive and jaunty, and what better way to indulge in that feeling than a poorly planned ode to 2016? This seems like an odd end to Blogmas, but I don't know, just feels right. Besides, Christmas is super hokey, anyway.

2016 will be more effort, more laughter, and more books. Less hating, less strife, and less …

Blogmas Day 24: Things I've Learned--December

Remember a few months ago when I wrote a blog post about "Things I've Learned?" We're going to do that again, only this time it's just things I've learned during December, as that feels appropriate as Blogmas winds to a close. Plus, I'm feeling list-y today.

Things I've Learned--December

1) One of the most empowering things you can do is listen to a song you once shared with someone you don't talk to anymore, whether that be through a breakup, a falling out, or any other bad blood. Listen loudly and sing every word; reclaim something you thought you lost.

2) Always, always, always read the assignment rubric.

3) Do the extra credit, because it might just come in handy.

4) Your mom is almost always right, if you'll take the time to listen.

5) Don't apologize for liking "basic" things; the term "basic" is just some loophole way to shame women and girls for liking the things that are marketed to them.

6) You owe yourself th…

Blogmas Day 23: A lot of hanging out with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Hello, lovely people! Today was rather uneventful, so instead we're going to talk about Christmas-themed TV. It seems fitting that since I haven't hung out with my friends while I've been home, I've been doing a lot of hanging out with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. As in Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe. Today I watched every holiday episode the series has to offer so I can objectively and masterfully rank them. Inspired by this Buzzfeed article. 

1) Season 7: The One With the Holiday Armadillo

The main plot: Ross gets to spend the holidays with his son, Ben, and decides it's the perfect time to teach him all about Chanukah. Unfortunately, Ben insists upon Santa making a visit, but when Ross goes to pick up a costume, the only thing he's able to rent is an armadillo getup. Ross then makes up the fictitious "Holiday Armadillo," who visits on Santa's behalf to teach Ben about the history behind Chanukah. All is going relatively well...until Chand…

Blogmas Day 22: If you're lazy and festive, like me

Hey gang! Tonight's blog post is a little bit different--we're making peppermint bark! Or rather...I made peppermint bark earlier today and thought to document the process to teach you all how to do it. It's super easy and only has two ingredients, so if you're lazy and festive, like me, this is perfect! It only takes a few minutes, requires no baking, and will be a hit among your friends and family. It's also a perfect last-minute gift if you need to give a hostess a little somethin' sweet or if you have a potluck at work. Overall: 5 stars, would make again.

To make a (relatively small) batch yourself, you will need...

and that's seriously it! You can add peppermint extract if you really like that minty fresh taste, but why make matters more complicated than need-be?
Next, melt your chocolate in a double boiler. To do this, boil a small pot on water on your stovetop...

...and break the chocolate into small pieces in a heat-safe bowl. This makes the chocola…

Blogmas Day 21: I want to DO things and GO places

Hello, everyone! I'm coming at you this afternoon from quite a different location: I'm currently sitting in the lobby of my local Jewish Community Center, hanging out in the lobby while I wait for my mom to finish up work. To preface, though my mom isn't Jewish, she rents out space in their gym, where she owns a series of Jazzercise classes. She also does personal training here a few days a week, with a rotating group of clients. Basically, this is just phase one in her fitness empire. So I've been dragged here today with the promise of going to Trader Joes and Ulta once she's done with her training session. I know the only reason I was even able to have a break is because I took a brief leave of absence from Ulta, but I have points expiring and my employee discount to use. Basically, even when I'm not working, Ulta still owns my ass.

So what else is new? You know that I came home last night around ten o'clock, immediately following my last shift for two we…

Blogmas Day 20: Home, wherever that may be

I'm home!! I'm finally, finally writing to you from the comfort of my parents' house. What a great feeling. Though, I will admit, I have some mixed thoughts.

Whenever I arrive after having been gone for awhile, there's always a stack of mail at the foot of my bed and a fresh set of sheets. It's comforting to know that life goes on when I'm not around, but there's still a part of me that finds the phenomenon quite odd. Being a junior in college, I've been living away from home for about three years now, and I'm perfectly content doing so, though obviously I get homesick from time to time (as I think we all do). I just think it's weird that there's almost a ghost of me living in my childhood home: when I'm away, all of my things remain as-is, with none of my old books and knick-knacks touched, the room serving as a reminder that I still live here on occasion and that I'm still a member of the family. I live here anymore? That,…

Blogmas Day 19: An exercise in self-love

Hello, friends! Today was lazy and indulgent and not at all eventful. I think today was an exercise in self-love that I really needed. Lots of watching the Food Network and eating cookies and hanging out in a bathrobe. Lots of tending to laundry and packing to go home. I took my time getting ready for work and I curled my hair slowly and with meticulously, which is saying something, because as of late me getting ready for work has been a lot of rushing through my bare minimum makeup routine and running out the door.

Speaking of, I want to make sure I'm on time for my shift tonight, so I'm gonna cut this post short. I hope you all understand. I would've rather typed out a quick little something for you than neglected you entirely as I got back to my apartment after my closing shift. Tomorrow night I go home after seven hours on the sales floor, and I'm still elated by the fact that that's even an option. We'll talk soon!

Blogmas Day 18: Sometimes the grind DOES stop

Hey, friends! It's another late post tonight, I'm afraid. I've been a little all over the place today, but I'm really happy to be ending my night with you all. I've said it before, but I really can't believe Blogmas is almost over! This year the holiday season really snuck up on me, and while I feel like people say that every year, it's especially true this time around. That must have something to do with the lack of cold weather and the fact that I've yet to go home for winter break. But I will soon! As of Monday (fingers crossed!) I'll be finishing up Blogmas from the comfort of my parents' house in Northern Virginia, two hours from where I am now. I can't tell you how happy I am to have a break, although I do feel a little guilty taking two and a half weeks off.

To backtrack a little, let's rewind back to October. The semester was about halfway done, I was getting good grades, and I was starting to get the hang of juggling two jobs. N…

Blogmas Day 17: The sounds of sixty degrees and Christmas lights

Have we done a winter playlist yet? I feel like that's a must. Every time I do a blogging marathon, I always include a seasonable appropriate playlist of songs I'm loving at the moment, old faves, and tunes that fit my current mood. A lot of these are throwbacks and a lot of these are stupid pop songs, but I'm in love with my life right now, and nothing quite captures the mood of that feeling quite like Top 40 hits. So without further adieu, please enjoy the sounds of sixty degrees and Christmas lights.

1) 3am by Meghan Trainor
2) Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers (are we even surprised, guys?)
3) My House by Flo Rida
4) Christmases When You Were Mine by Taylor Swift
5) Please Come Home For Christmas (Bells Will Be Ringing) by the Eagles (aka my favorite Christmas song of all time/one of my favorite songs regardless of season)
6) Wolves by One Direction
7) Send My Love (to Your New Lover) by Adele
8) Dear No One by Tori Kelly
9) Bad by The Cab
10) Seventeen by Alessia Cara

Blogmas Day 16: I'm late and I'm done and I'm sorry!

Hi!! This blog post is late!! It's been a long day!! It's finally over!! Not just the day, but my semester. I finished the last of my finals this morning and I have zero academic obligations until mid-January. It feels so good you have no idea. So in short: I'm late and I'm done and I'm sorry!

My Christmas presents are all purchased and wrapped, I made three batches of cookies today with my darling friend Eppie, and I get to throw away literally mounds of handouts and syllabi. I've reached the promised land of holiday festivities and relaxation. Of course, work (as in, my paid jobs) remains to be a thing, but for now I'm not focused on that. I have no reason to set an alarm tomorrow and no schoolwork that needs to get done for the rest of the year. I feel like I finally released a pent-up exhale that I've been internalizing since September and I'm just now regulating my breathing again to compensate. That means lots of sleep where I can get it, lots…

Blogmas Day 15: Let's discuss the best album of our generation

Guys, can you believe there's only ten days left of Blogmas? It's been going so fast this year, fam! Thank today, because I thought I'd totally alienate literally all of you, I'm going to review The Jonas Brothers' self-titled 2007 album, because in the past two days since I rediscovered it I've come to the conclusion that it's the best goddamn collection of music on this planet. The Beatles? No. The Rolling Stones? Eh. Fleetwood Mac? Nope. The JoBros are where it's at. Obviously I'm exaggerating to an excessive degree, but I'd be lying if I told you I had listened to much else in the past two days.

For those of you who might not remember the glory days of Disney, back when Miley was our patron saint and the Jonas Brothers were our Holy Trinity. The appeal of the Jonas Brothers were their (highly manufactured) rough-around-the-edges aesthetic and their pop-rock music. They weren't a boyband, because they technically played instruments. Kevin…

Blogmas Day 14: Something to that effect, but not quite as graphic

Hey, everyone! I know this is yet another late blog post, but it's still before midnight, so I'm in the clear! Today's just been a super hectic day, but the good news I'm more than halfway done with finals, and by Wednesday at noon I'll be completely finished! The only thing standing between me and academic freedom is a coding project and a group presentation/final design portfolio that are due during back-to-back exam periods on Wednesday morning. If you can't tell, I'm counting down the minutes.

The only problem here is I've been working in a lot of group projects, and it's kind of stressing me out. Thankfully one of my group presentations is done; we presented today at 2:30, and while I worked with perfectly nice girls I'm so happy it's over. And my group project that's due Wednesday is for my major and is the cumulation of an entire semester of working closely with the same group of three people. They're the best and we get along…

Blogmas Day 13: Find the happy

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you're all having a good day, and you're preparing for another week. Starting tomorrow, I have to really put my nose to the grindhouse for my last three finals, but then this semester will be completely done! And thankfully they're just projects and presentations, which honestly I prefer. That way I have more control over my grades, whereas with exams I can study all I want, but ultimately I can't prepare myself for what's on the test. This time around, I just have to check all the boxes and make sure I'm reading the rubric guidelines carefully. But still, with all that in mind, I'm in a mood today. Y'know those days when you can just feel yourself being crabby and irritable but you can't help it? That's where I'm at. I'm just stressed and 50 Shades of Over It. But that's unacceptable. I'm refusing to give in to my mood. So instead I'm putting together a list of reasons why today is a-ok. I'm …

Blogmas Day 12: Being alone versus being lonely

Good evening, friends. It really is evening, yikes. It's almost midnight and I'm not gonna lie, I almost completely forgot to blog today. Sounds about right. Every time I commit to some sort to blog marathon, whether that be BEDA, Blogmas, or something else, I find myself slacking around the two week mark. I'm not sure why that is; by this time I should be really getting into the groove of things. But anyway, tonight I wanted to talk about something that's on my mind right now: being alone versus being lonely. And I'm not quite sure how my thoughts on the matter are going to progress, so I apologize in advance if this is a little bit disjunct and rambly.

So...being alone versus being lonely. I've experienced both plenty of times in my life, as we all have. As an introvert, I do need my "me time" to recharge after a stressful day or a lot of stimulation. Social interaction is sometimes overwhelming for me. For example, if I work an eight hour shift at …

Blogmas Day 11: It's been a day

Y'all, it's been a day. Me waking up seems like it was exceedingly long ago, and while I've accomplished a lot with my 24 hours today, it means I'm wiped. On today's agenda, I...

-Woke up early to pound out an essay
-Printed and bound my creative nonfiction portfolio
-Met with the members of my group to go over our presentation on Monday (that was excessively taxing)
-Turned in the aforementioned portfolio
-Came home with enough time to eat a quick lunch
-Got ready for work
-Put in a six hour shift at good ol' Ulta
-Went to the grocery store to buy macaroni and cheese and an assorted bag of gummy candy.

So now after a long day and a long week, I'm in bed with fattening food and no reason to set an alarm for tomorrow morning. I do have a little schoolwork to do tomorrow, but for the most part I'm taking it easy. Starting now.

I love you all, and a lengthier post will come tomorrow, I promise.

Blogmas Day 10: I am overwhelmed with gratitude

Hello, everyone! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to report back that the reading went so well! I managed to say my piece without making an idiot of myself, and there were so many incredible people who showed up to support me. I am eternally grateful for everyone who was physically, emotionally, or spiritually with me last night; it means more than you can ever know. Whether you sat in the front row last night, brought me flowers, or just texted words of encouragement, you truly made my day and made me feel so loved. To put it simply, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. So overwhelmed, in fact, that as soon as the reading ended, I left the venue and immediately began crying on the short walk to my car. And like clockwork, my mom called me to hear how it went just when the waterworks started. Alarmed, she of course asked why I was crying.

"They're happy tears, Mom. I'm just so proud of myself and happy to be alive."

To backtrack, let me set the scene for you: I left m…


AHHHHHHHH! GUYS MY READING IS IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS AND I'M FREAKING OUT. I'M SO STUPIDLY NERVOUS. I know we just had a talk about this yesterday, but I can't help but be anxious. But I'm trying; I'm giving myself some down time before I start getting ready, lying down in bed and taking some keep breaths. Tbh, my day-to-day anxiety is bad enough, but this is a new level. This is the type of anxiety that has me wishing I had a prescription for Xanax. But without medication to relax my nerves, I'm just trying to take my mind off of my worries by watching videos and listening to music that makes me feel a little less on-edge. So to kill two birds with one stone, I'm going to be sharing those with you today, in case 1) you find yourself to be a bundle of worry at some point in the future or 2) you're just curious to see how I take my mind off of my stressors.

1) Buzzfeed
I always, always, always turn to Buzzfeed when I need to stop thinking about what'…

Blogmas Day 8: I was there, I remember it all too well

Good evening, everyone! Tonight's blog post is coming at you as a precursor to a daunting mountain of studying and revision. 'Tis the season to be stressed out, right? But that's not what I wanted to talk about tonight--this blog is a way to distract from my workload. Tonight I wanted to talk about a reading I have tomorrow night and how I'm so. freaking. nervous.

In honor of the semester ending, my professor for my advanced creative nonfiction writing class (which is easily my favorite and most productive course) put together a reading at a local performance venue for all her students. There's thirteen of us total, and we're spending tomorrow night reading some of our work in front of a crowd of friends, professors, and strangers. As of now, the Facebook event says that 50-ish people will be in attendance, but those numbers are very rarely accurate. Regardless of the size of the audience, the fact remains that I'll be hit with a spotlight and share one of …

Blogmas Day 7: I spent a substantial amount of time taking Facebook surveys

Good afternoon, friends! I'm coming at you earlier than usual, because I'm currently skipping class. I feel oddly guilty skipping, but seriously guys the class I'm missing is kind of a joke. I'm getting much more done on my own time than I would be in lecture. If you can't tell, this is just my thinly veiled attempt to convince myself that skipping isn't the end of the world. It's only kind of working. My forever prevalent need to follow the rules is coming out. I feel more anxious and out of place than I did in middle school, which is saying something. BUT SPEAKING OF MIDDLE SCHOOL (great segue there, self) today we're doing something that is both personally mortifying and hilarious. I uncovered one of the surveys I took back in May of 2009 (that would be the end of eighth grade for those of you keeping track of time) and published in my notes. Guys, there's a lot of them too. And they're still public. I spent a substantial amount of time takin…