Blogmas Day 1: I guess this is a tradition now

Hello everyone and happy BLOGMAS!!
I couldn't just not do it this year; I was reading through my old posts from exactly one year ago, and I noticed past me throwing around the phrase "first annual" a lot. And when you say something like that, you have to follow up. There couldn't possibly be a first annual Blogmas without a second annual Blogmas. So here we are. I guess this is a tradition now.

Thinking back on last year's Blogmas, I'm realizing how much has changed between now and then. New living situation, new jobs, new that I'm thinking about it there's very little about my life that has stayed completely the same since my first Blogmas. I guess other than me being unable to regularly update my blog eleven months out of the year.

Speaking of updating my blog, I'll be honest with you guys: I'm kind of worried that I'll be unable to keep you regularly entertained for twenty four days in a row. I want to produce content that you all will be interested in and will keep you coming back every day. For now my game plan is to just ramble aimlessly until I fill up a page and hit publish before proofreading. So like if you have any ideas or topic suggestions you'd rather see instead, those would be much appreciated.

So while you think of some content you'd like to see, I'm gonna finish up an article I'm writing before I miss my deadline. Shit, that almost sounded like something an adult might say...that's scary. Anyway, I'm excited to see where this month takes us, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!


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