Blogmas Day 11: It's been a day

Y'all, it's been a day. Me waking up seems like it was exceedingly long ago, and while I've accomplished a lot with my 24 hours today, it means I'm wiped. On today's agenda, I...

-Woke up early to pound out an essay
-Printed and bound my creative nonfiction portfolio
-Met with the members of my group to go over our presentation on Monday (that was excessively taxing)
-Turned in the aforementioned portfolio
-Came home with enough time to eat a quick lunch
-Got ready for work
-Put in a six hour shift at good ol' Ulta
-Went to the grocery store to buy macaroni and cheese and an assorted bag of gummy candy.

So now after a long day and a long week, I'm in bed with fattening food and no reason to set an alarm for tomorrow morning. I do have a little schoolwork to do tomorrow, but for the most part I'm taking it easy. Starting now.

I love you all, and a lengthier post will come tomorrow, I promise.


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