Blogmas Day 13: Find the happy

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you're all having a good day, and you're preparing for another week. Starting tomorrow, I have to really put my nose to the grindhouse for my last three finals, but then this semester will be completely done! And thankfully they're just projects and presentations, which honestly I prefer. That way I have more control over my grades, whereas with exams I can study all I want, but ultimately I can't prepare myself for what's on the test. This time around, I just have to check all the boxes and make sure I'm reading the rubric guidelines carefully. But still, with all that in mind, I'm in a mood today. Y'know those days when you can just feel yourself being crabby and irritable but you can't help it? That's where I'm at. I'm just stressed and 50 Shades of Over It. But that's unacceptable. I'm refusing to give in to my mood. So instead I'm putting together a list of reasons why today is a-ok. I'm choosing to find the happy.

1) Today's Taylor Swift's birthday! If you've ever read more than one of my blog posts, you'll know that she's quite literally my queen.
2) I've done a lot of work today! That'll make Future Lauren super happy.
3) I just rediscovered old school Jonas Brothers, and I'm loving it. I was obsessed with them in middle school, but a few years ago I deleted every song of theirs from my iTunes in an attempt to grow up (or something). SUCH a dumb choice. I'm listening to their early albums on Spotify and I still know all the words and genuinely still like a lot of these songs. If I'm being real with you, I'm probably going to redownload a lot of this stuff and reincorporate it back into my rotation of jams.
4) It was 65 degrees today! In December! I didn't even need a jacket! What a time to be alive!
5) I got to sleep in until 11 this morning, and tomorrow I don't even have to set an alarm. My presentation isn't until 2:30, so I just get to sleep until I wake up. What a blessing.
6) I finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday and wrapped my presents! That means I currently have the cutest, most festive spread of presents on my dresser, which just makes me happy and jolly whenever I look at it.
7) I still have the most wonderful friends, who are supportive and funny and inspiring, even in the midst of all this finals week stress.
8) Norbert the Dog exists
9) One of my favorite movies of all time, Clue, turned 30 today! Aka I miiiiight try to watch it tonight if I get a significant amount of work done
10) I get to write a blog that's read by respectful, kind, and supportive people like you!

If any of you are feeling a little down today, I urge you to generate a list of reasons to be happy. I'm genuinely feeling much better. To be fair, that might be because I'm still listening to the musical stylings of Nick, Joe, and Kevin. I'm amazed by how many of these lyrics I still have engrained in my mind.


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