Blogmas Day 14: Something to that effect, but not quite as graphic

Hey, everyone! I know this is yet another late blog post, but it's still before midnight, so I'm in the clear! Today's just been a super hectic day, but the good news I'm more than halfway done with finals, and by Wednesday at noon I'll be completely finished! The only thing standing between me and academic freedom is a coding project and a group presentation/final design portfolio that are due during back-to-back exam periods on Wednesday morning. If you can't tell, I'm counting down the minutes.

The only problem here is I've been working in a lot of group projects, and it's kind of stressing me out. Thankfully one of my group presentations is done; we presented today at 2:30, and while I worked with perfectly nice girls I'm so happy it's over. And my group project that's due Wednesday is for my major and is the cumulation of an entire semester of working closely with the same group of three people. They're the best and we get along super well, but I'm sure they'd agree with me when I say I'm 50 Shades of Over working with them. Even when I love my group members as people, nothing makes me want to rip my eyes from their sockets quite like group projects. Wait, ew, that was a gross image. I take that back; something to that effect, but not quite as graphic.

I know that doesn't bode well for me in the adult world, but I promise I work well with others and contribute in a collaborative setting. I'm just putting that in there in case any future employers ever read which case I apologize for all the profanity and unsavory shenanigans. All jokes aside, I'm really looking forward to finishing this semester strong, even if it means trying to diplomatically split up responsibilities among a group of four. Which reminds me: I have to go edit an InDesign file so my group member can take it to our copy center to get printed, so I'm cutting this post short. Sorry it was so late going up today, guys! I promise once I'm released from my finals week shackles we'll have more time to hang out!


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