Blogmas Day 16: I'm late and I'm done and I'm sorry!

Hi!! This blog post is late!! It's been a long day!! It's finally over!! Not just the day, but my semester. I finished the last of my finals this morning and I have zero academic obligations until mid-January. It feels so good you have no idea. So in short: I'm late and I'm done and I'm sorry!

My Christmas presents are all purchased and wrapped, I made three batches of cookies today with my darling friend Eppie, and I get to throw away literally mounds of handouts and syllabi. I've reached the promised land of holiday festivities and relaxation. Of course, work (as in, my paid jobs) remains to be a thing, but for now I'm not focused on that. I have no reason to set an alarm tomorrow and no schoolwork that needs to get done for the rest of the year. I feel like I finally released a pent-up exhale that I've been internalizing since September and I'm just now regulating my breathing again to compensate. That means lots of sleep where I can get it, lots of healthier foods, and more self-care. I'm excited. When I got home today from my exams, I proceeded to immediately strip off my jeans and get in bed, and let me tell you: I can't tell you the last time I was that comfortable. With the exception of right now: also pants-less in bed, but with all the lights off as the clock creeps toward 12:30.

I'm so, so content right now and so, so proud of all the work I did this semester. At this point, I don't even care what my GPA ends up being; I'm just pleased with myself for working hard and staying afloat and refusing to give up. For being on my grind through two jobs, two extracurricular writing gigs, and fifteen credit hours. And I'm not saying that to sound braggy or self-important. Rather, I just want it on record that regardless of the grades or the evaluations, I managed to work it these past few months, and I'm proud of myself. I want to celebrate all I achieved as of late. First order of celebration: a good, loooong night's sleep. If you're not ready for bed yet, I'll leave you with a little holiday treat that should keep you occupied for another 10-15 minutes. Because I just love ya that much.


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