Blogmas Day 2: Doin' things, bein' adult

Hey guys! Happy day 2! Today has been pretty good, as far as rainy Wednesdays go. I've been working for the past few hours, doin' things, bein' adult. In exciting freelance news, today marks the official launch of my chapter of TheFitnessU, which means that I'm representing my university and writing about health and wellness. Don't tell my supervisor that I just inhaled an entire sleeve of peanut M&Ms just now...although in my defense today was the start of that *~magical time of the month*~*~, so.

Anyway, if you wanted to go read the article I just wrote, all about the importance of mental health days, you should go check it out. And how you might ask? By following the web address on this handy-dandy flow chart I just made. Yes, I'm enough of an adult to admit that I just devoted a sizable amount of time to making a self-obsessed infographic. But in my defense, I do have a lot of wheels turning online; even I have a hard time keeping track of all my social accounts sometimes. So I can imagine that someone else might be just as confused. That's assuming anyone else wants to follow me that closely, which isn't likely...even I'm not that obsessed with myself. And that's saying something, guys. I'm pretty self-involved. Kidding, kidding.

All jokes aside, I hope this is either a) somewhat helpful or b) at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing. Or both. Idk. Take from this what you will. I'm off to call my mom (who's currently in Mexico and therefore the subject of all my envy) on my walk to class. Have a good night, guys!!

(those bottom two icons are, from top)


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