Blogmas Day 24: Things I've Learned--December

Remember a few months ago when I wrote a blog post about "Things I've Learned?" We're going to do that again, only this time it's just things I've learned during December, as that feels appropriate as Blogmas winds to a close. Plus, I'm feeling list-y today.

Things I've Learned--December

1) One of the most empowering things you can do is listen to a song you once shared with someone you don't talk to anymore, whether that be through a breakup, a falling out, or any other bad blood. Listen loudly and sing every word; reclaim something you thought you lost.

2) Always, always, always read the assignment rubric.

3) Do the extra credit, because it might just come in handy.

4) Your mom is almost always right, if you'll take the time to listen.

5) Don't apologize for liking "basic" things; the term "basic" is just some loophole way to shame women and girls for liking the things that are marketed to them.

6) You owe yourself the love that you give to other people.

7) Say yes more often, but remember who you are and where your priorities lay.

8) Holding grudges and hating people is boring. Getting angry over tiny things is a wasted effort.

9) Patience. Patience. Patience. Try as hard as you can to have as much as you can.

10) You are so, so, so much more capable than you realize.


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