Blogmas Day 3: We're not really sure what an aesthetic is

Good afternoon, ladies, gents, and nonbinary friends. I hope you're all having a nice Thursday so far. Seriously thank god this week is almost over; my motivation is at an all time low. And now that I've said that, I'll probably have the angsty early 2000s sound of All Time Low in my head for the rest of the day.

Today has been pretty uneventful, if we're being honest. It was the first real winter day weather-wise, with snowflakes falling for a few minutes this morning and me debuting my North Face jacket. That means my red and green Dunkin Donuts cup felt seasonably appropriate as I walked to work with my chin buried into my giant woven scarf. And while part of me hates winter, this time of year I don't mind it so much. Pre-Christmas winter the best winter: snowfall is magical, outdoor activities are downright jolly, and donning a tacky sweater is encouraged. Pre-Christmas winter is wrapping paper and flurries; post-Christmas winter is trash bags and slush at the curb. So as you can tell I'm really looking forward to January and February...

Okay, that's harsh--the new year has its own charms that I do appreciate as a separate entity. But it's just...I feel like December is much more my aesthetic. The vibe I get from December just resonates with me a lot more. At least that's what I understand aesthetic to mean...let's be real, aesthetic is a word we've all started throwing around lately, but we're not really sure what an aesthetic is.

But even if I don't know how to really verbalize my December aesthetic, I've given myself the task of trying to put together a style tile showing you all the colors, styles, and sounds I'll be gravitating toward this month. Style tiles are basically visual maps designers put together for clients, usually to represent the overall theme of a project. Style tiles can be used for graphic design, interior design, fashion get the point. So here's my personal style tile for this month, which will hopefully serve as inspiration for the rest of Blogmas and the month in general.

See ya tomorrow, friends!


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