Blogmas Days 4 and 5: Then I attempted to be social

Let's address the elephant in the room: I didn't blog yesterday. I know, I know. Not even one week in and I'm slipping up. I worked yesterday until late at night, and then I attempted to be social. Key word here is attempted. As of late, me going out is rare enough as is, but when I manage to muster up the energy to see and be seen, I'm usually back home by 1 AM latest. I think last night I managed to stay out until 1:30, which for my geriatric tendencies is really pushing it. All jokes aside, I really am sorry I didn't post yesterday, but sometimes life happens. You understand. But as a formal apology, I'm gifting you with this absolute gem of a video entitled "Tattoo Roulette w/ One Direction," which is as hilarious and wonderful as the title makes it seem:

Now, as lame as you may think this is, I'm turning in for the night. I've been yawning and fighting to keep my eyes open since I got into work this morning at 10:30. Grandma Lauren is ready for bed.


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