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Blogmas Day 24: A Finale and a Special Guest

Hello, everyone! Today is the last official day of Blogmas, and boy has this holiday season flown by. In the thick of it, it seemed as though December would never end, but here we are one day away from Christmas and one week from 2017. I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out what I should do as a grand finale this year, when the thought hit me: maybe the best way to wrap up Blogmas is to have a special guest write for me. I promise this isn't because I'm feeling lazy (okay, maybe partially because I'm feeling lazy...) but also because I thought it'd be special to have my grandmother take the helm for a turn. She's the world's most enthusiastic conversationalist and an author of two children's books; she probably has more to say than I do. So with that brief introduction, here she is:

Right after Thanksgiving, I was telling my husband that I really wasn't that much in the mood to put up a tree and do a lot of decorating. Part of the reason, I think,…

Blogmas Day 23: A Day Told in Drinks

Hey, guys. Today was a long, happy, jolly day. I was able to spend some good quality time with my family and enjoy total relaxation. Instead of just giving you a boring rundown, though, I thought I'd punctuate the day's events via the drinks I consumed throughout. You'll notice that I'm taking advantage of my 21-ness this holiday season.

East Coast IPA--3:00 pm
First stop (and first drink) of the day was served at Pour Judgment, a bar in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island where my aunt has worked for years. She's pretty much a staple, with locals and regulars flocking the bar to joke around and practically beg for her attention. My mom and I went to visit and to grab a quick bite. She marveled at how weird it was to be able to serve me a beer, and helped me pick one from the extensive list of craft brews since I know virtually nothing. 2017 is my year to learn more about wine and beer so I don't feel like an idiot any time I'm presented with a drink menu.


Blogmas Day 22: A Christmas Survey

I don't think I can quite express to you how incredible it feels knowing I have zero reason to set an alarm tomorrow morning. Having woken up before the sun the past three days, the thought of sleeping in is more attractive to me than a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, Harry Styles, and a new season of RuPaul's Drag Race combined. If you know me at all, you know how serious that statement is.

Today's drive up to Rhode Island was pretty uneventful, which is about all you can ask for when it comes to road trips. I don't get carsick like I used to when I was a kid, which is comforting, but I must have passed the gene off to my ten-year-old dog, who delightful upchucked in the backseat of our rental car about four miles from my grandparents' house. She lasted eight hours and crossed through six states, yet couldn't wait ten minutes before she coughed up her breakfast. Nice. Other than that, though, my mom and I were able to occupy our time listening to music, podca…

Blogmas Day 21: Tired

Hi, blog. Do you want to know how lazy I am? I'm currently using talk to type to publish this. Part of that is due to the fact that I am beyond exhausted. I woke up this morning at 4:45 AM so I could get to work by six, the day before that I woke up  at 5:30 to get to work by seven. Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early to get on the road for Christmas travels before the sun is up… Needless to say I'm a little drained.  It feels silly to be technically blogging, when really I'm just talking into my phone, and I apologize for any typos that it may cause.

 Judging by the fact that I've had fewer than 10 hours of sleep in the past three days, I'm cutting myself a little slack tonight. A post of respectable length will be up tomorrow,  and I promise I will actually type that one out.

See you then,

Blogmas Day 20: Last Minute Gifts

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had productive Tuesdays. Mine started unfairly early, with that 7 am Ulta shift I mentioned yesterday. I kind of resent Ulta for opening so early this week just to cater to those people who have yet to get their holiday shopping done. Maybe that's because I pride myself on being an early shopper to avoid the crowds and the gimmicks, or maybe it's because I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning and tomorrow's alarm is set for 4:45. Maybe a combination of the two. But either way, if you're not done with your shopping yet, wandering aimlessly at 8 am isn't going to help anybody. Which is why I'm directly going against my word from earlier this month, when I said I wouldn't be providing you with a gift guide. Some of you guys are desperate and waited until the last minute, and now it's my job to help you. I didn't ask to be the voice of a generation, but here I am accepting the responsibility nonetheless. Don't say I ne…

Blogmas Day 19: Working at Ulta--The Truth

Hey, guys! Coming at you live from my couch, where I am reclining and eating leftover tortilla soup before making an appearance at a friend's get-together. You know you're back home in the suburbs when you go to a friend's get-together that's only being hosted because their parents aren't home, and in order to go you have to leave word with your mom. I guess I'm making up for all those lost years in high school that I spent not going to parties; at least at this age I can be honest about my whereabouts instead of pretending to sleep over at a friend's. So, there, mom: if you happen to be reading this, all those times I said I was going to have a High School Musical marathon, that's really what I was doing.

I won't be staying for too long, because I have an early shift at Ulta in the morning. By early I mean 7 am, because stores are staying open exceptionally long in order to accommodate those last-minute gift shoppers. If you can't tell, I'm…

Blogmas Day 18: Things That Are Good

Hey, guys! I'm coming to you live from my bed, yet again, where I slept in until an ungodly hour and then proceeded to watch old music videos from the early 2000s until I ran out of JoJo hit singles. That is winter break in a nutshell. I'm afraid that during this part of Blogmas things always tend to slow down a bit, as I spend most of my days hanging around my parents' house and praying I don't run into anyone I know when I go to Target.  Not exactly blog-worthy material. So instead of giving you a boring play-by-play of my day (I wrapped Christmas gifts then went to the dollar store, where I was accosted by a 16-year-old cashier) I thought instead I'd just gift upon you Things That Are Good. It's a definitive, incredibly important list, hence the capitalization. The hope here is either you're in a good mood and want to continue the happy spirits, or you could use a little boost. That or you're like me and want to kill some time going down an internet …

Blogmas Day 17: Mexican Food to Soothe the Wounds

Hello, everybody! I'm back from my little hiatus from yesterday; though technically I blogged, it was a total cop-out and barely counts as a post. But as the title read: "It happens." I wrote those two measly sentences at 11:40 pm in a bar somewhere in Downtown Annapolis with a plastic straw delivering a steady flow of gin and tonic to my mouth. I want you to picture me, wearing a lace-up top and a full face of makeup, furrowing my brow and screaming about needing to post Blogmas before midnight. Some girls get a little drunk and text their exes, some get a little drunk and start blogging at the bar. Call me Carrie Bradshaw.

Anyway, the reason I willingly crossed state lines was to hang out with two of my friends from work, who have since graduated and gotten big girl jobs. When we all went to the same university and worked in the same office, hanging out was something we took for granted. Now we all live thirty minutes to an hour away from each other, making the plannin…

Blogmas Day 16: It happens

Every year at least once during Blogmas, I post a cop-out "sorry I'm living my life, but technically this is a post!" post. This is this that post for this year.

Sorry I'm living my life, but technically this is a post!

See you tomorrow,

Blogmas Day 15: Sweet Relief and a Babe Alert

This is the latest Blogmas post yet this year! A new milestone! It's also the first Blogmas post of the year to come to you live from my parents' house, which means it's officially winter break. I don't think it's really sunk in yet that I'm completely finished and devoid of academic obligations for three weeks; that's probably because I spent every second down to the wire studying and getting last-minute things together. I packed for my three week stint at home in about an hour this morning, in between cups of coffee and bites of a granola bar. This is a tell-tale sign that I've forgotten at least one major necessity. I guess only time will tell on that one, but at the very least I know I packed enough underwear and tampons to last me. Jury's out on if I have enough clothes to wear, but I do vaguely remember packing two party dresses and at least one pair of jeans, so we'll make do.

Now that I'm home and my exams and projects have been fini…

Blogmas Day 14: Peeved

Y'know what, guys? I'm peeved. Annoyed, disgruntled, pissed, angry...whatever you want to call it. Personally I like "peeved." And I'll tell you why I'm peeved. I have an exam tomorrow that I am 0% prepared for, but it's not for lack of trying. It's one of those exams where you're just tested on memorized information (in this instance, laws and court cases), so you just gotta sit down and drill yourself for hours. I've been in this local coffee shop for almost two hours, attempting to drill away, and nothing. Because while normally studying in a little coffee shop or cafe works out well, with just the perfect amount of stimulation, everything that could be going wrong is.

First of all, there's no wifi. It's amazing how distracting that is. Because even though I have all my notes written on paper, knowing I can't look up a vocab term or access Quizlet is infuriating. I've spent most of my time troubleshooting the issue, jealous …

Blogmas Day 13: Mental Health Survival Guide

Hey, everyone! In these first two weeks of Blogmas, I've noticed that I'm quite prone to list-making. Of the thirteen posts that have gone up this month, five of them involve lists of some sort. I think I like lists because they do the organized part of my brain good, while offering a cheap and easy way to structure these posts. I would love to say that today is going to be different, but seeing as it's finals week for many of you and the holidays are just stressful in general, another list is in order. Today's list topic: Ways to Cope on a Bad Mental Health Day.

Whether you're having a random off day, you're hormonal, or you've actually been diagnosed with a mental disorder of some sort, we all have our bouts of bad mental health. This can be the result of hormonal changes, stress, the changing of the seasons, or just a bad night's sleep; regardless of why it's happening, it sucks. You feel like you're the only person in the world feeling how y…

Blogmas Day 12: I Didn't Get Cookout

Good afternoon, everyone. Today's post is coming to you from a relatively unknown lab on campus, where only four students other than myself are working on final projects. Scratch that--two more kids just walked in. Six students total. Point is I'm in a relatively quiet room killing time before I meet up with my video journalism group members to finish up our last ever video package. Hence the blog.

Since we last spoke, I've finalized my last ever collegiate creative writing portfolio, gone out to dinner with my roommate and her family, developed an intense craving for a Cookout milkshake, then ended up not getting said Cookout milkshake. Sounds riveting, does it not?

Anyway, last night once I finished those last few edits on my portfolio around 10:30, I developed a craving for a sugary, heavy, completely gross Cookout milkshake, with fries and a side of mayonnaise. If you don't live near a Cookout, or if you're health-conscious, you can't fully comprehend how d…

Blogmas Day 11: TV Shows that Need a Revival

Good afternoon, everybody! I'm coming to you from my kitchen table, where I'm in-between edits for my final writing portfolio and at that sweet spot where my food:coffee ratio is enough to make me that perfect amount of jittery. I thought I'd take a break to come hang out with you guys and talk about something that's been on my mind for a while now: TV Revivals.

I'm not sure what it is about this year, but there have been so many revivals of old TV shows and movies. I think it's fun to see old favorite characters placed in our modern times after they've been left to collect dust for far too long. Seeing DJ and Stephanie Tanner use the word "fleek" or seeing Rory and Lorelai Gilmore on their iPhones is equal parts heartwarming and disconcerting, but I don't think our TV execs are dreaming big enough. With the ability to stream content and the millennial generation all grown up and ready to paw at any and all re-imaginations of our old faves, we…

Blogmas Day 10: It's that kinda night

It was a freezing cold day full of bagels, coffee, video editing, dress shopping, and not nearly enough downtime.

It's the last Saturday night of the semester, and though many are spending it in various states of drunkenness, I have a monster writing portfolio due on Monday I haven't even thought of starting, and adding a hangover to tomorrow's all-day laboring sounds like a lethal combination.

That, and I just bought a new hooded blanket, I'm halfway through season five of Gilmore Girls, and I really want to take a long, hot shower.

Don't get me wrong, Blogmas, I love you, but it's that kinda night. Trust me, we'll both be better off if we take this time apart.

See you tomorrow,

Blogmas Day 9: Project for Awesome Inspired

Ahh, here we are: blogging late at night yet again. I told you we'd get back around to doing this. I'm writing this in a moment of what can only be described as mild panic, as I've just looked at the clock and realized, though I've reminded myself to blog multiple times throughout the day, I had yet to do so. Now here we are at 9:40 on a Friday night, in-between episodes of Gilmore Girls and editing my writing portfolio.

Anyway, today is an important day in new media history. For the 10th year in a row, John and Hank Green (known to the internet community as the vlogbrothers) are in charge of Project for Awesome, an annual virtual fundraising effort. The event itself has changed in logistics and scale over the years to respond to growing media and the way online video plays a part in our lives, but it's the same basic formula through and through. Basically, the Green brothers and those who are a part of their community create videos promoting their favorite chariti…

Blogmas Day 8: One Month Since the Election

Good morning, everyone! I know yesterday I alluded to the fact that I might very well start posting Blogmas later and later as the month progresses, but I guess I like contradicting myself, because this post comes to you live from 10:30 am in the library. I've been up since 7 because I had an interview at 8:45 (nothing exciting or worth noting, just a girl in an introductory journalism class who wanted to write an expose on the Ireland study abroad trip I did over the summer) that wasn't nearly as long as anticipated. Add that to the fact that my professor cancelled class yet again, giving me a large chunk of my morning to get ahead on work. And hey, I'm not complaining, but I do wish I had known all of this earlier so I could maybe devote the extra time to some more sleep. But the good news is there's always more than enough coffee at my fingertips to keep me going, and today's post has been one that I've wanted to publish since Blogmas started.

The title is v…

Blogmas Day 7: Overindulgent

Hi, guys! I can't believe it's 10:30; I guess it's that part of Blogmas where posts just start going up later and later in the day. In a few days I'm sure I'll be rushing to hit that publish button by midnight.

Part of that has to do with what I want to talk about today, which is the idea of being overindulgent. I feel like as of late, I've been "treating myself" way too much, and not in a good way. I'm all for self-care and doing what I need to do to keep my mind and body healthy, but that's not what I'm doing here. I'm allowing myself "one more episode" when I should be sleeping, "one more" cup of coffee when I've already had three, "one more" swipe of my debit card when I know my account balance is hurting a little. I give myself naps and fast food and second (then third and fourth) chances to get it together.

It's a relatively new phenomenon, because I'm usually super hard on myself, but la…

Blogmas Day 6: Regarding Time

Good evening, everybody! Today was a cold, rainy day, the kind that makes hair frizz and fingertips freeze. The type of day that turns campus into a parade of umbrellas with a bad mood permeating the air. If there was ever a day to throw your hands up and forget pleasantries and effort, it would be today. But here's the thing: no matter how gross the day is, outside or in our heads, there are a few things that shouldn't change, regardless of time.

Being on a university as final exams loom closer and closer, I keep hearing stressed-out students and professors claiming they "don't have time" for certain things or that there needs to be more hours in the day. There's "no time" to be polite or see your friends, yet somehow time can be made to binge watch Stranger Things when we should be doing homework. Yeah, I see you. The concept of time and obligation always is an interesting one, if you ask me, because really we have the same number of hours in a da…

Blogmas Day 5: Embarrassing Things I've Done Recently

Happy Monday, everybody! I hope you're all having good starts to your week. For some reason, there's something I love about Mondays; I feel like it's a chance to start fresh again and start the week off right. I also don't have class on Mondays so I generally get to sleep in as late as I want on these days, which definitely sways my opinion. But I do usually use Mondays to get my ducks in a row, so to speak, with a lengthy to-do list and plenty of coffee. Right now I'm in-between loads of laundry, which seems like the perfect time to type up today's post.

The title is super self-explanatory, but I figured I should tell you exactly why I'm voluntarily exposing some cringe-worthy secrets for all of the internet to see. There's two reasons really: for starters, I love poking fun at myself. This is a somewhat new development in the past few years, as I was terrible at being the butt of the joke when I was a kid. I hated being teased or laughing at my own sh…

Blogmas Day 4: November Favorites

One of my all time favorite guilty pleasures is binge watching beauty gurus on YouTube. There is a giant network of predominately rich, young, white girls talking to their fans how to apply makeup, dress up skinny jeans, and spend money with expertly crafted brand deals that seem totally genuine. There are a few beauty guru tropes that every who's-who in the biz has done time and time again: the "What's in my Bag?" video, the "Get Ready With Me!" video, and the "Haul" videos prominent examples. But none of these come close to the popularity of the Monthly Favorite videos. They're pretty much exactly what they sound like: the beauty guru in question gets in front of the camera and raves about products they've been loving for the past month, generally broken down into categories. For some reason, I love watching these videos, and I've always wanted to do my own. But I'm not a YouTuber--I'm a blogger--so today's post is going…