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The Struggle of Being a SMAD Major, Revisited

Two things before I start:

1) This blog post is in response to an article published on The Tab. In this post, I'm not at all attempting to discredit the original article or the individual who wrote it; I've spoken to the author multiple times and appreciate her work ethic and her openness. That said, this is just my personal opinion in regards to the perceived "struggles" of being a student enrolled in James Madison University's SMAD program.

2) If you don't go to JMU or you're not a fellow SMADDIE, this post probably won't make much sense to you. That's okay--feel free to skip this one and come back next time.

Okay, let's get started.

The initial complaint that is raised in the original article is that SMAD majors aren't taken seriously by other students, and to some extent I agree. A lot of SMAD majors do, too: I've spoken to many of my SMADDIE friends and coworkers, and a lot of them assert that our math, science, and business-orient…