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Going Viral: Lessons Learned

I feel scummy saying I went viral: to me, "viral" is a term best used to describe funny videos of kittens or Buzzfeed articles that everyone is sharing on their timeline. But I guess when Ashton Kutcher shares an opinion post you wrote with his 17 million Facebook followers, viral is the most appropriate word to use.

While my latest post, "I Dressed Like a 'Style Icon' to Prove a Point About Fashion," generated so much more buzz than I could've ever perceived, I definitely knew I was onto something when I got the idea. I had a feeling the post would be marginally more popular than those I had written previously, but there's no way I could've imagined the scope of the response. Because I mean, who can predict that type of thing? Who has a feeling something like that is about to happen? I thought the fact that my post got 1,000 views in its first 24 hours post-publication was my blog's peak, so you can imagine my surprise when I was contacted …

I Dressed Like a "Style Icon" to Prove a Point About Fashion

Line up all of today's topstyleicons and you might notice a trend: these models, actresses, socialites and tastemakers more or less fit the same mold. Come to think of it, I can't think of a single female celebrity revered for her style who isn't teeny-tiny with the face of an angel. But y'know what's weird? In looking at photos of these women, I can't help but notice their styles are pretty average: lots of T-shirts, leggings, white sneakers, and loose fabrics. This got me thinking, in our society, is "fashionable" just another word for "thin"?
To test this theory, I pulled photos from three renowned style icons and dressed myself in pretty much identical outfits. 
The rules 1) The photos I chose had to come from articles specifically praising each woman's style. 
2) The outfits had to be reminiscent of clothing pieces I already owned; no items were purchased for the purpose of this blog post.
3) Each photo I took had to be posed pretty …