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Falling in Love in Four Parts: Thoughts on Ireland

If I hadn't already mentioned it, from mid-June to just yesterday I was studying in Ireland. I was so well-intentioned and really meant to write every day, but turns out friends, pubs, and rolling hills got in the way. The funny part is, I went abroad for a travel writing course, but found it was difficult to even do those bare minimum assignments. So as you can imagine, blogging on top of that was near impossible. Instead, here's a short piece I wrote for my class that sums up how I feel about the whole experience. I was given plenty of notes to spruce it up, but this is the first draft as is. I wrote this sitting on the floor of my room in Trinity College at 1 am, a little tipsy and a lot infatuated with this country. I think I want to honor that and leave it as such. Now if you know me in real life, let's grab coffee (Dunkin Donuts please; Ireland doesn't run on Dunkin so I need to catch up) and I'll talk your ear off about every tiny detail beyond what any piec…