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Hey Freshmen: Stop Assuming So Much

It's hard to believe that I'm preparing to go Back to School for the last time in my undergraduate career, possibly the last time ever. I feel excluded from those Target commercials full of highlighters, puppy dog folders, and crayons as I find myself just buying a single notebook and a pack of notecards to gear up for the year. Imagining myself as a senior in college was for the longest time kind of like imagining myself as a princess or a world-renowned pop star. Sure, in some weird parallel universe it could happen, but it wasn't an identity I would be assuming in the foreseeable future. So how do I grapple with this impending doom? In true Lauren Sauer fashion, I'm choosing to do so by not thinking about me, instead placing my attention on who I wish I was. I'm talking to you, college freshmen. God, I wish I was you.

Of course, I say that with some hindsight, because three years ago around this time, I was freaking out. I knew I was ready to go off to college, …