Blogmas Day 1: 'Twas a Thursday Afternoon

'Twas a Thursday afternoon, feeling deceptively lazy,
With a fourth cup of coffee to avoid feeling hazy.
Textbooks thrown about in total disarray,
With hopes that final exams would bring a few A's.

Reading statuses from friends with too much on their plates,
While avoiding politics on Facebook (which everyone hates),
I couldn't help but feel a little too serene,
An empty to-do list? What could that mean?

Between holidays and work and going to class,
It didn't seem right to just sit on my ass.
"I know I'm forgetting something," I said to myself,
Reaching for a snack from the top pantry shelf.

Chewing and stewing and thinking too hard,
Sighing and trying not to put up my guard.
I thought to distract myself by painting my nails,
Take my thoughts off of homework and working retail.

I unscrewed the little vial of dark green lacquer,
Then fumbled and watched the bottle land with a clatter.
When, what to my wandering eyes should appear,
But a stain on my carpet, even worse than I feared.

Muttering my curses and saying goodbye to my deposit,
I ran to retrieve a bottle of stain remover from the closet.
Scrubbing and thinking "God, this is the worst,"
A lightbulb went off: It's December first.

Now Christmas! Now wishlists!
Now peacoats and gloves!
On, ribbons! On, satin!
On, the tradition I love!
To the internet, to Blogger!
To Blogmas round three!
Now type away! Type away!
Type away with glee!

With topic ideas filling my brain and my queue,
Hoping someone will read them (and maybe that's you!)
I'm making the announcement via this poem we all know,
Not realizing how long it is...I think it's about time to go.


Hi, guys. Blogmas snuck up on me this year; this is my way of telling you I'm starting it up again. New posts every day between now and Christmas.

See you tomorrow,


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