Blogmas Day 11: TV Shows that Need a Revival

Good afternoon, everybody! I'm coming to you from my kitchen table, where I'm in-between edits for my final writing portfolio and at that sweet spot where my food:coffee ratio is enough to make me that perfect amount of jittery. I thought I'd take a break to come hang out with you guys and talk about something that's been on my mind for a while now: TV Revivals.

I'm not sure what it is about this year, but there have been so many revivals of old TV shows and movies. I think it's fun to see old favorite characters placed in our modern times after they've been left to collect dust for far too long. Seeing DJ and Stephanie Tanner use the word "fleek" or seeing Rory and Lorelai Gilmore on their iPhones is equal parts heartwarming and disconcerting, but I don't think our TV execs are dreaming big enough. With the ability to stream content and the millennial generation all grown up and ready to paw at any and all re-imaginations of our old faves, we need more revivals. Someone go drag Matt LeBlanc and the old Disney supporting casts out of obscurity, because we have work to do.

5 TV Shows that Need a Revival, Now.

1) Friends

There are so many questions left unanswered that need to be addressed. Did Joey ever get another chance at stardom post-Days of our Lives? Did raising twins drive Monica officially crazy, forcing her to finally get a Xanax prescription? Most importantly: how long did it take for Rachel to realize her decision to not pursue her dream job in Paris just to be with Ross was a huge mistake? Did Ross ever realize manipulating Rachel's feelings by even suggesting she stay behind was a total dick move? Inquiring minds need to know.

2) Lizzie McGuire

As a child of Disney's golden age (aka the early 2000s), I lived for Lizzie McGuire. Her crazy middle school antics kept me tuning in day after day, even if it was an episode I had already seen fifty times prior. I would watch Lizzie's revival on any cable network or streaming platform, because I simply need to know how the rest of her life panned out. She was such a young protagonist with so much potential. I mean, the movie, our last dose of the McGuire franchise, took place the summer before she went off to high school! Picture yourself tuning in to see Lizzie's antics as a fashion editor for a magazine (I mean, she was so ahead of her time with those butterfly clips and bedazzled jeans, can you picture her doing anything else?) trying to figure it all out. And yes, part of this requires a new intro that features the whole cast in front of a green screen playing with kickballs of various sizes. No questions asked.

3) Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Another favorite of my youth and another show set in a fictional middle school where no one has acne and is actually sixteen. But the tips, admittedly, were helpful! Okay, some of them reached a little too far for the sake of that slapstick comedy we loved as kids, but I need a revival that is centered around the advice I need now. Call it Ned's Declassified Adulting Survival Guide. Potential episode titles: "Ned's Guide to Paying Your Taxes", "Ned's Guide to Setting up a 401k", "Ned's Guide to Establishing a Real Human Connection in the Digital World." Nickelodeon, call me. We'll set up a meeting.

4) 30 Rock

Mindy Kaling once tweeted about current phenomena she'd like to see The Office's Michael Scott's reaction to, and while I agree with that sentiment, I'd rather see Liz Lemon's take. As a mother and TV executive, how does Liz feel about the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? What's her take on Instagram? How many times can she say "BLERGH" in response to Donald Trump, and how many pieces of Hillary merchandise do you think she owns? Add in the colorful cast of characters and the opportunity to create poignant and intentional dialogue about our current state of affairs and I'm sold. There's even opportunities to expand into an album, a feature film, and a Broadway musical. Total EGOT material.

5) Sex and the City

Every few months a rumor resurfaces about the potential for a third SatC film, and every few months I'm left disappointed. As a young woman that has on many occasions stated that I want a career and life like Carrie Bradshaw's, I need to see where her, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda are now. The first movie shows Carrie's slow, reluctant use of her first iPhone, but now I imagine she's promoting her online column via Snapchat. Because she's smart and married to a financial heavyweight who can predict business trends, of course her empire has moved digital. The rest of the girls have made strides in that direction as well. Potential dialogue include Samantha saying "I'd be happy to blow you; I take cash or Venmo" and Charlotte decreeing "Tinder is ruining the dating world! I'm so glad Harry and I met the old fashion way, much less...skeezy," to which Miranda would chime in with a cutting, "Oh yeah, because having sex with your divorce attorney is exactly how Grace Kelly met her Prince of Monaco."

And there you have it. Limiting this list to five was far too difficult; just know this is only the tip of the iceberg. Tell your TV exec friends to drop me a line if they want to go into business, I already have five separate pilots drafted.

See you tomorrow,


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