Blogmas Day 17: Mexican Food to Soothe the Wounds

Hello, everybody! I'm back from my little hiatus from yesterday; though technically I blogged, it was a total cop-out and barely counts as a post. But as the title read: "It happens." I wrote those two measly sentences at 11:40 pm in a bar somewhere in Downtown Annapolis with a plastic straw delivering a steady flow of gin and tonic to my mouth. I want you to picture me, wearing a lace-up top and a full face of makeup, furrowing my brow and screaming about needing to post Blogmas before midnight. Some girls get a little drunk and text their exes, some get a little drunk and start blogging at the bar. Call me Carrie Bradshaw.

Anyway, the reason I willingly crossed state lines was to hang out with two of my friends from work, who have since graduated and gotten big girl jobs. When we all went to the same university and worked in the same office, hanging out was something we took for granted. Now we all live thirty minutes to an hour away from each other, making the planning of our evening a tad bit stressful. It required a three-way call, which felt very 2008. But once we settled the details and two of us packed overnight bags and made moves to Maryland, things fell into place. Because of the distance between us (and a little bit because we're all obsessed with each other) the night ended with a sleepover that extended well into the next day. We didn't get in the car to go home until we had watched a solid two hours of Fuller House, which only added to that nostalgic factor that sleepovers always bring with them. Even if they're sleepovers out of necessity that end with slept-in mascara. We had a fun--albeit freezing--night out, starting a small collection of stamps on the back of our right hands that still haven't totally washed off.

The entire ordeal was bookended by delicious Mexican food that my checking account is paying for at the present moment. Dinner on Friday night to soak up the alcohol we'd be drinking later, lunch on Saturday afternoon to submerge our hungover insides in grease and sour cream. Which is a large part of the reason why I'm lying in bed with a bad bout of acid reflux and a desire to curl up into a ball and promise to start treating my body less like Legends of the Hidden Temple and more like, y' actual temple.

That said, I would give any amount of expensive bar tabs and hangovers for any time spent with good friends, especially those I don't get to see too often. That's one of the best parts of the holidays. It's a nice reminder that there are so many people in your life to love who love you right on back.

But on that note, with midnight quickly approaching, it's off to bed for me. If I had to guess, I won't be emerging from under these sheets for the next little while.

See you tomorrow,


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