Blogmas Day 18: Things That Are Good

Hey, guys! I'm coming to you live from my bed, yet again, where I slept in until an ungodly hour and then proceeded to watch old music videos from the early 2000s until I ran out of JoJo hit singles. That is winter break in a nutshell. I'm afraid that during this part of Blogmas things always tend to slow down a bit, as I spend most of my days hanging around my parents' house and praying I don't run into anyone I know when I go to Target.  Not exactly blog-worthy material. So instead of giving you a boring play-by-play of my day (I wrapped Christmas gifts then went to the dollar store, where I was accosted by a 16-year-old cashier) I thought instead I'd just gift upon you Things That Are Good. It's a definitive, incredibly important list, hence the capitalization. The hope here is either you're in a good mood and want to continue the happy spirits, or you could use a little boost. That or you're like me and want to kill some time going down an internet wormhole. Any and all reasons are valid.

Things That Are Good

1) Drag Queen Makeup Tutorials

I think this is because I've been watching so much RuPaul's Drag Race and I've always been a fan of makeup tutorials. This is the happy marriage of those two, and it will occupy you for hours. This is a personal favorite:

2) This performance of Beyonce's "Daddy Lessons" featuring the Dixie Chicks

This is a childhood dream come true. As someone who was raised on the Dixie Chicks and was Affectedby Lemonade, this performance gave me chills. Their soundcheck is on Spotify for your listening pleasure, because trust me, after watching this you can't not hear it again. When they break into the bridge of the Dixie Chicks' song "Long Time Gone," I get teary-eyed. Every. Damn. Time. I'm not 100% sure why, but just go with it.

3) Gavin from Vine

I dunno man, some guy got the idea to start posting pictures and videos of his nephew Gavin all over the internet, and it never fails to make me laugh. Toddlerhood in small doses is beyond adorable and too pure for this world.

4) Calligraphy gifs

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a good brush stroke.

5) Neopets Games

When's the last time you played Meerca Chase or Faerie Bubbles? It's been too long, I can tell you that. The charm of Neopets is the website is still up and running and looks identical to how you remember it. Plus you don't even need to have a Neopets account to play the games, unless you miraculously remember your password from the early 2000s. In which case, you should probably feed your Kacheek, it must be on the verge of dying after a decade of neglect. But before you do that: 

Well, guys, that's about it. Let's pretend like all that collective time I've spent dawdling about online was all research for this post. What can I say, I take my job very seriously.

See you tomorrow,


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